Friday, July 28, 2006


I learned a new pole trick last night called the caterpillar. You go upside down then do a couple stripper push ups then dismount. My dismount is a little sloppy so I'll have to work on it. (I think I bruised Rio on my last dismount.)

I was very thoughtful last night during class. I was watching other students work. I was good at some tricks but I had trouble with others. I noticed the same was true for other girls with other tricks. I had a lot of trouble when I started learning tricks but it got better as I went along. I just had to practice. I just had to stick with it until I got it down. I realized that I've given up too early in the process with other studies (including ballet and tap classes). I figured since I didn't have it all down the first day that it was hopeless. In truth, all I needed to do is stay disciplined and practice.

Pole dancing classes - food for the body and food for the soul.

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