Monday, July 24, 2006


I was planning on going to LAVC this fall and taking a voiceover class on Thursday evenings. I have a great phone voice and I've done voiceover work. Might as well get the tech of it down cold and really know the tools of the trade. I should be able to walk into a recording booth and know exactly what to do, understand the terms and expectations.

But wait! I just got an email from my pole dance teacher that she's doing a master class on Thursday nights starting in August. I'm in the advanced class right now, so that's the next step. Of course, the class will run into the college semester and conflict with the class. Of course, I don't know how often she'll offer the master class. I do love the pole dancing.

So what the hell to do?

Andrew told me to take the master class. No telling when she's doing another, and I can probably find another voiceover class somewhere else (maybe not as economical).

This means that I'll be a pole master. Wow. My mom should be proud.

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