Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Discipline of Student Filmmakers -- Or "How I Wasted Part of My Morning in Hopes I Could Help Someone Out But Was Shunned"

Well, I think that title describes most of my morning. I got an email at about 7:30 this morning (sent last night at 11:42 PM) that my presence was requested at an audition for a student film. The email read "Please attend!!!" They wanted to see me at 11 AM, and fortunately for me, I tried out my new makeup this morning before going to work so I could see how I liked the application. I got the email via L.A. Casting, where I did submit for a handful of student films that sounded like they could give me some interesting reel. I took off an hour and a half from work to drive over to an audition at an expensive, unnamed film school in Burbank.

When I got there, I found no signs directing anyone to any area for casting. In fact, there was a sign on the door to the school's suite that said no one was in and to sign below with your name and what you wanted. I decided to try the doorknob. Smart. I walked in and there were still no signs. I've been there before and they usually put up signs. I waited for the first available body to walk past the front desk to ask where I should go. She looked lost. She found out where the auditions were being held and told me to sit on the couch. A gal came in for the same project and someone else ushered her up the hall to wait. I figured since I already checked in with someone they'd know I was there. I had a conversation with two different guys who were called in for other random projects. Some random guys wandered through the area to find out what one of these guys was there for but they ignored me. I guess I looked to comfortable on the couch. A third guy came in and sat on the couch by me. I'd been there for thirty minutes by this point. The gal who came in after me left. Some random guys asked the guy what project he was there for and they told him to wait on the couch. When they came for him AND F*CKING IGNORED ME - AGAIN - I left. I waited around for forty minutes and was bumped by two people who got there after me for this "Please attend!!!" audition.

I'm usually willing to grant lots of beingness to student directors. I know they're learning, and it's not always easy. But maybe get a f*cking sign up next time, maybe a sign in sheet for your individual project, or maybe have someone greet all of your f*cking actors with a "Hi, we're behind. Sorry. It'll be two hours before we get to you." (As a side note, I've waited a long time to audition for student projects. They've all had the courtesy to acknowledge the wait. In this instance, there wasn't really a wait. I was just f*cking bumped.)

So mammas, don't let your babies grow up to go to an expensive, unnamed film school in Burbank. (They're not always terrible there, but they were today.)

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