Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fan Girl

About three weeks ago (right after I felt grown up enough to open a checking account), I joined the John Mayer fan club. Yeah, go ahead with your taunts. I can take 'em. I've been a John Mayer fan for a few years now. He's an amazing songwriter, guitarist and performer (in that order). I was almost kicked out of an acting showcase a couple years ago because there was a rehearsal scheduled the night of his concert. I got my tickets three months before, and Andrew and I were totally willing to be kicked out of the showcase (goodbye $700 at that point) to go watch John tear it up on the guitar. Drew and I are both musicians (he's more advanced than me), so we had to go see live music.

I decided to join the fan club because we could get tickets for his September concert in Irvine ten days before they were released to the general public via Ticketmaster. I was excited. I have the money to get really good seats, and with the advanced purchase option we should be able to see the guitar strings break without the aid of a projection screen. I got out of bed this morning and hopped online to wait until the 8 AM release time. I logged onto the website to find that they changed the pre-sales date to TBA. WTF? TBA? This was upsetting. I'm a fan and all, but I joined the damn fan club so I could get my tickets early. As a musician, I wanted to beat all those panty-flingers to the good seats. How can I do that if the pre-sales date is TBA?

So I was down about it. Not "my-life-is-no-longer-worth-living" down, just bummed. Then I get a casting notice from one of my casting services in my email:

Casting Notice

Project Name: John Mayer Music VIDEO
Project Type: Music Video
Rate/Compensation: Paid. various dependant on role. + agency

Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Description/Note
Coffee Commercial Lady Featured Female / 25 to 45 / Caucasian Think 1950's coffee commercial. clean cut - pretty, wholesome
Hot Girl Featured Female / 18 to 30 / All Ethnicities Good style, quirky & hot. Pixie-ish type. Think Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams, Zoe Deschanel or a cute mixed race girl.
Newscaster Featured Male or Female / 18 to 33 / All Ethnicities Overly sincere Newscasterly type.
Friends Featured Male / 18 to 33 / All Ethnicities people who could hang out with John. tall. Skinny. Slacker-y... quirky.
Extras Background Male or Female / 18 to 65 / All Ethnicities people who would be hanging around in Hollywood. Not crazy Hollywood, but artist and normal folks Hollywood.

OMG! I could do any of three of those roles! It's a John Mayer video, it's paid, and the casting notice arrived on what was going to be known as John Mayer Tickets Day. So I submitted for two of the roles. When Andrew came to my office, he told me to go ahead and submit for the third. (Now I really look like a fan girl to the casting people, I'm sure.)

Who knows if I'll even get a call for this project or not. It's always a crap shoot with these submissions. If they somehow manage to find my blog, they may think I'm psychotic. (Who in their right mind would declare today John Mayer Tickets Day?) The important thing is that I'm in such a position that I CAN submit myself for really cool projects like this. I'll have to start trolling craigslist again for free concerts so I can show up as part of the crowd. (I missed out on a free Weezer concert in downtown L.A. last fall because I checked craigslist the day AFTER they needed concert attendees.)

Maybe tomorrow can be John Mayer Tickets Day. Or the day after.

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