Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Never Learned to Read!

Wow. That's a dramatic title.

We did a reading of Sonny yesterday. Andrew wanted to hear it so he could figure out what needed to be done before we booked the theatre space and held auditions. Smart move on his part. I'd read the second draft three times by myself, but there's nothing like hearing it aloud. I think he's going to lenthen the show based on the feedback he got. This is good for me because it means more stage time.

I realized that I need to relax more into my readings. Sometimes I put on that "actor voice" when I don't need to project. I should also work on creating relationships faster in the process. It shouldn't matter who I read with, I should be able to quickly establish the chemistry for myself so the reading goes well. Duh. (This was never covered in the casting director workshop I did. So much for paying for "cold reading" skills.)

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