Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Over!

I finished the diet yesterday. My weight now fluxuates between 101 and 103 lbs. Huzzah!

It's strange being done. I can have a carb meal today and I have to chase it with dessert. With all of the potential carb meal/dessert combinations out there, I went into a tailspin last night. How would I celebrate the new body and the freedoms I'm permitted in order to keep it?

I had scrambled eggs with ham and cheese this morning. They came with wheat toast and hash browns. I nibbled on the toast (one piece was burnt, the other was the end piece of the loaf) and ate a couple of the crunchy parts of the hash browns. I devoured the eggs. I still used Splenda in my hot tea, and I didn't go for any of the super tasty orange juice they have at this place -- why have the sugar and calories now when I can have cheesecake later after I eat pasta? I was happy to be in a restaurant again, but I was in and out within twenty minutes. I've gotten no-nonsense about my eating as a result of this diet.

Here's the sad part: food just tastes better when you make it at home. I was pulling pieces of fat from the chopped ham when I'd bite into them. Yuck. Those eggs wouldn't have been as oily, and I would've had the choice to have broccoli or tomatoes instead of hash browns as my side. Even though the diet had limits, the quality of the food was predictable.

I think I'm going to have to keep cooking my meals so I can eat what I really want and it'll taste the way I imagine.

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