Tuesday, July 04, 2006

L.A. Malaise

There's an interesting phenomenon I've observed out here. Hell, I've even demonstrated it myself. It's the L.A. malaise. There are so many artists out here trying to pursue their dreams and make money at it, and at times it seems like there's not enough work available. (The scarcity is just an apparency, not an actuality.) I run into people who are incredibly talented who hit a dry spell. It's a real bummer. And it doesn't just happen to Los Angelenos; it's just more obvious out here with so many people in the arts.

When it happens to me, I feel like I've totally failed in accomplishing my purpose. I feel tired, bored, disinterested. I don't get as much done, and sometimes I get envious about the grass on the other side of the fence. As fun as it can be to mope and feel sorry for myself, it doesn't get me any closer to fulfilling my purpose. So what the hell can I do? When I'm done moping, I do something to rehabilitate my purpose. (This is a little bit of Scientology. Sshh.) I think about what I want to achieve and really create a clear mental picture of how I want things to be. Then I do something about it. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. For me, I send emails to friends. I work on submissions. I send postcards to agents. I watch a movie that inspires me.

To handle my own malaise today as a result of seeing a number of people in the past few days with the malaise, I did something inspiring. I packed up the dogs and took them to McDonald's for breakfast. If a couple of dogs can wait the ten minutes it takes to drive home really slow from McDonald's for their breakfast burritos, then I know I can thrive as an artist and take my friends with me.

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