Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Let Me Tell You About White Chicks . . ."

This is a phrase I heard from some drunk dude when I was on my way to someone's house to babysit when I was fifteen. (They weren't his kids. He was a friend of the parents and for some reason in the same car with me, the parents, and I think the kids and maybe some other random guy.) I heard a similar phrase come from Tommy Davidson's mouth on set early this morning when I was "partying" and "dancing" in Omarion's "Entourage" video. He gave an interview about his James Brown-like cameo in the video, capping it with "Now, where's the white women?"

I spent about seven hours on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank for this video, and they even paid me to be there! I had no idea who this kid (Omarion) was when I booked the video only hours earlier. Come to find out, he's not a bad little singer/dancer. In fact, he was in "You Got Served" with my friend Robert Hoffman. Small world. He was a really nice guy. The song's not too bad.

The most surreal part of the evening wasn't the fact that I was hanging out in a sequined skirt reading comic books on the Warner Bros. backlot, but that I wound up chatting with Tommy Davidson at the craft services table. You see, I was waiting to be called back to set so I hit craft services for some herbal tea and fresh veggies. (Most of the stuff on the craft services table is usually pep -- candy, energy bars, cookies, pretzels, chips, do-it-yourself peanut butter and jelly.) I was standing there scarfing down most of the carrots and cherry tomatoes when this guy who looked and sounded a lot like Sleep N' Eat from Bamboozled starts picking on the craft table lady and asking me about coffee. Celebrities tend to look a little different in person than they do on the big (or small) screen, so I didn't want to say "Oh my God, you're Tommy Davidson" and wind up wrong and embarrassed. So I just chatted lightly and went about my business. (Of course I didn't have my camera phone with me.) When he popped up onstage later, I was confirmed correct. Oh my God, I stood around the craft service table politely chatting with Tommy Davidson, a man who entertained the hell out of me on "In Living Color." Cool.

The studio was very cool. I drove to the gate mentioned in my email from the casting director, and this incredibly friendly security guard printed out a pass with my name on it for parking and access for the day. She assumed I had been there before (!), then proceeded to give me very easy-to-follow directions to the set. I didn't see any celebrities wandering the studio, but I don't know who would be at 11 PM on a Friday night. We shot maybe fifty yards from the water tower. I could get really comfortable on that lot.

I don't know if you'll be able to see much of me in the video. I'm on Omarion's right between "paparazzi" on the red carpet - burgundy tank and copper sequined skirt. I think I was the only one brazen enough to touch him as he walked by, doing my best "Oh my God it's John Lennon and I'm a teenage girl in the sixties" impersonation. Then I'm on house left in the second row when he's singing and dancing on the stage. He runs past me when he leaves the stage to find the hot girl in the red dress. When he scopes out the outdoor dance club, I'm the speck in a black jacket in the very back. You may be able to see my hair in the video, or it may just be a hand.

I wouldn't mind doing more music video work. I got to here his cute little song before the single is released. It wasn't tough work (other than dancing in the desert cold of 4 AM). And you never know who you're going to run into on set, like Sleep N' Eat with his guest appearance.

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