Friday, July 21, 2006

A Little Gift in the Mailbox

(We learned striptease and more lapdancing last night. I didn't think Andrew could manipulate a camera very well while I showed off what I learned.)

Yesterday I was talking to Andrew on my wayout the door to class about how I don't know when I'll get paid from the "Nip/Tuck" gig. He wandered over to the mailbox (since the mailman has been coming by after 5 PM the past few weeks) and checked the mail. Inside the mailbox was an envelope from Screen Actors Guild addressed to me. Inside the envelope was a letter. Here's the important part:

"Screen Actors Guild has filed a blanket claim on your behalf for compensation due to you resulting from your work on the above referenced production.

"It was determined that you were paid late. Your check should have been postmarked on 3-23-06, but was postmarked 4-4-06, making it eight days late. You are therefore entitled to late fees in the amount of $24.00

"Enclosed you will find a check for these late fees."

Dude! My checkbook was looking pretty sorry since I've been paying off a lot of bills. This was a much needed shot in the arm. I love the union! (I just need $1500 to officially join!)

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