Sunday, July 02, 2006

My First "Sex in the City" Party

I've been going on about so many other things that it's taken me a week to get around to telling you about this. I went to my first "Sex in the City" party last Saturday night. It was hosted by one of the two Amys from my Flirty Girls class. (There's Amy the writer in pink in the photos, and Amy who worked at Hustler in the hot bronze dress with the Farrah Fawcett hair. Also in the pic we have Erin in the white and brown and Laura in the purple in the middle.) These "Sex in the City" parties were all the rage when the show was still on HBO, but the show is so well-loved that people still throw them but watch faves on DVD instead of HBO.

Amy had this amazing spread of food, but I couldn't eat any since I was on the diet still. I met some of her other friends (whose names I can't remember right now) and we all plopped down to visit and watch our favorite episodes of the show. Since "Sex in the City" deals with sex and relationships, we wound up having lengthy discussions (debates?) about both between episodes. Is it wrong to play the field until you find the right person? Should you test out the merchandise (sexually) before you get married to someone? If you've done everything (and I do mean everything) but actual intercourse with everything joining up in the baby-making way with someone, are you really a virgin and should you wait until marriage to finally seal the deal the way nature intended? Can you only have one true love? The discussion was right out of the show (sans edits) with people giving their own considerations on the topics and sharing their experiences to support or refute. Pretty interesting stuff. It's funny to reference episodes of the show to support your argument -- "Remember Charlotte and Trey? If she had only had sex with him before she got married she would've known his pee pee didn't work right."

The night wouldn't have been complete without pole dancing lessons from the Flirty Girls to the other guests. I spent a while with this cute sixteen year-old teaching her a couple spins. We all took a spin on the pole. It's hard not to when your friend has a pole erected in her living room. (I'd run into the same thing if I had more people over.)

I had fun. I'd recommend for any gal to go to one of these parties if she can, or throw one herself. They're a lot of fun and a great way to socialize with girls without having to be in competition for the attention of men. I got to know the four girls I was in class with in a couple hours WAY better than I had in nearly four months. I'd love to throw a party like this with my favorite TV show as the centerpiece. I'm just not sure how a "Felicity" party would go. Everyone wears sweaters, we play Boggle and eat like college students?

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