Friday, July 14, 2006

New Moves

The move in the picture is from last week. It looks a lot like the teaser we do in pilates. The new move I learned last night was the kind of move that could give me rug burn on my toes at my house. I'm still healing from the jump-splits rug burn I got on my big toe two weeks back.

Let me just say I am SO glad I'm doing pilates. We did a move last night where you extend your leg then put it way in front of you and then you roll over, do a stripper push-up, then start crawling to the chair for the lap dance. This is the part of the new routine she's teaching beginners, and since we all started with a different routine we get to learn this one. There is no way my leg would've gotten as far if I didn't keep getting more and more flexible in pilates.

When we did our "all skate" at the end of class where we all freestyle, we had to be broken into two groups since there were so many girls. My group had eight people, but there were only six poles and only half of them spun. I wound up doing lots of floor work so I didn't hog a spinning pole. Let me tell you, it helps to have abs for that.

Pilates + pole dancing = w00+!

(By the way, I'm wearing a Doodlebug shirt!)

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