Thursday, July 27, 2006

Secrets of the Dance Universe

I'm not the highest trained dancer. I look pretty ridiculous in my belly dance class since I've only successfully arrived to two classes that weren't cancelled. I can pole dance -- that is a certainty. However, I have learned some neat things that I want to share with my twelve readers that may help them in their athletic pursuits.

Regular dance/workout clothes - I hear people tout lululemon all the time, but it's damn expensive. For lululemon, hit their website and check for clearance sales in your nearest big city or check eBay. There's a place in L.A. called Danny's Warehouse. They're good for cheap shoes and leotards. I got my jazz boots for $10 there for the jazz dance class I started at the college in February. Old Navy has great yoga pants. There's also Capezio.

Specialty dance goodies - My belly dance teacher gave me this list of websites to hit for belly dance stuff. Some of these places had the noisy hip scarves for $40 and up. I'm cheap. I checked eBay and bought a really fancy one for $23 and change (shipping included). They have hip scarves for cheaper, but I wanted a fancy one that will last a while. They also have belly dance costumes on eBay for WAY cheaper than the other sites. The only downside to getting one through eBay is that they may not have the same return/exchange policy that a regular vendor would, so you have to pay attention to the fine print. For poles, I use a big silver model by Party Pole. Those are kind of costly, but they're good. I was looking for a spinning pole that was portable last night on eBay and I found some portable poles for under $150. I don't know how good they are but they're definitely inexpensive. I got my stripper shoes at Lady Studio on Hollywood Boulevard, and they'll give you a discount in-store if you tell them you're a student.

For aches and pains - I use Tiger Balm. It's all natural and it smells like Vicks. I love Vicks. I've also taken cal-mag for muscle cramps. There are a lot of varieties on the market. I like the kind you add to a cup of tea. Doesn't taste great but it helps the pain.

Other tips - I found this great website that gives lots of tips for belly dancers. There's a great article on the Capezio website about ideal weight for dancers.

I hope these tips help you, no matter where you live. I know I would've never gotten all this information in my hometown before the internet.

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