Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Skin Ain't Cheap

In my last post, I talked about how I was cast on the spot to be the pole dancer in this independent film. Let me elaborate a little. I was told that nudity wasn't required in the film, but I had to tell them at the audition what my comfort level was. Now, I've got no problem being naked, mooning people or flashing a group of chicks with my ta-tas. I do have a problem with getting naked on film when I don't feel the nudity is necessary. I also don't get naked for free when someone else will profit from it.

At the beginning of the audition (when I was still in the running for the stripping instructor), I told them I was unwilling to show nips or holes, none of the goodies. I'd do a side shot in a g-string but not one of those shots from behind and only so much curve of the breast could show. This was when I thought I'd get paid. I did the audition then told her I could pole dance then she said "I'm casting you on the spot as the pole dancer" and I said "Cool" and then she said it was ultra ultra low budget so it was meals, copy, credit. I was so excited that I was going to get some pole footage for my reel (which could lead to paid gigs on name shows but maintaining the nips & goodies clause) that I didn't bother to correct my naked willingness.

I have to call the contact number I have for the casting assistant (?) and clarify that since I'm not getting paid I'll only do swimsuit nudity. I figure that's fair, right? Those extra few inches of skin are worth a lot more than lunch from Taco Bell and a DVD.

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