Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skinny Update

It's been nearly two weeks since I finished the diet. I wish I had time to shoot a photo this morning to show you my skinniness. Here's an update on all the things people ask me about.

Energy - I have lots of it. I don't get enough sleep most nights, but that's because of the Doodlebug waking me up with barks and bites an hour before the alarm is set to go off.

Food - I'm eating quite enough. I have one carb meal a day. It's usually pasta, sometimes with meat and sometimes with cheese and always with sauce. I had a BBQ kosher dog from The Stand last week. After my carb meal, I eat dessert within an hour. Here are the desserts I've eaten so far since I finished the diet: brownie sundae, tiramisu (5x), chocolate ganache from Trader Joe's (3x), snickerdoodle cookie, apple punk tart from Fred 62, some weird baklava custard thing with walnuts in it (allergic to walnuts, didn't know ahead of time), and a couple other desserts I just can't remember. For breakfast I have eggs with cheese and ham or yogurt, lunch is usually a salad and some cheese or meat and cheese (because it's easy to prepare), then the carb meal is usually dinner. I have more time to prepare my dinner than I have for the other meals. I also have an ice-blended chai latte every day.

Weight - I'm pretty stably at 103 lbs. I've gotten as low as 101 and as high as 104, but 103 is the reading most days.

Exercise - I haven't been working out nearly as much. I still do pilates once a week and I do pole classes once a week. I try to make it to belly dancing class, but I had to work one weekend, got out of the music video at 6:30 AM last Saturday, and I was the only student who showed up so class was cancelled another weekend. So that's two workouts a week with some pole dancing at home from time to time.

Clothes - The pants I bought from the Gap are a little loose. They were 1s. I bought some small pants from Forever 21 and I now have to wear a belt on the second hole to hold them up. Bras still fit fine. :)

Anyway, that's the skinny update.

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