Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Special Skills Save the Day

I had an audition today for a little independant film. They called me in to read for the role of stripper academy instructor. I printed out the sides at work this morning and tried learning them in the parking garage right before the audition. The problem was that the text was really tiny, so it didn't lend itself to faking through the audition. (It's not a requirement to memorize your lines before every audition, but I like to do it and I see the pros do it on the DVD special features of films and television shows.)

I wore this top into work today, very booby. I slipped a tube top under it so it wouldn't be too distracting for the others in my office. Everything in the photo that's covered in black was exposed. I stopped by Borders right after the audition and I think I flustered the clerk with all the heaving and well-padded boobage.

Anyway, I got there and the audition was in the old "Rugrats" offices on Sunset. Huge building, very clean and modern but mostly abandoned. I guess "Rugrats" is no longer on the air. They're shooting this film there.

I went in and faked my way through, but my eyes were too glued to the tiny print on the page for my liking. After the gal finished videoing my terrible audition, she said she might call me to play a dancer if not the instructor. I mentioned I could pole dance and she cast me on the spot to be the pole dancer in the film. Cool.

Downside - it's unpaid. I'll only have to work a couple days doing two things I enjoy (acting & pole dancing), and I should get good reel out of it.

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