Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two Paid Jobs in One Week . . . Almost!

I've been submitting myself for extra work on L.A. Casting. Sometimes it pays more than a day of work at my office, sometimes less, but I moved out here to act so extra work will at least get me on set. Hell, Friday night was extra work. You may even see my face (or hand) in the video. Anyway, my boss is such a cool guy that I can miss a day at the office for one of these gigs, even if it is last minute.

I submitted for a rush call for some television show for Monday morning. (Don't want to give the name because I don't want to jinx future work.) I got a call from the casting director later in the morning yesterday asking about my availability. He said he was going to take my picture in to the director because he may be able to get me a featured role, and he said it was SAG. (SAG = better pay, guaranteed breaks or compensation when the breaks are late, better food.) I was to call him at 5 PM to see what was up. I think he gave me his cell phone number.

I called at 5 PM and got his voice mail. He called me back at 6:15 PM and apologized that they went with someone else. I wasn't upset. I know how it works. But he liked me enough to pull my picture and walk it in for this role. That's pretty cool. Even though it doesn't pay the bills on an immediate basis, it says somebody out there likes me. Then he said to keep an eye on L.A. Casting and submit the next time something comes along on this show that I may fit. I just have to plug a little note in the "notes" box, and he'll try to get me on the show.

So I lost out on the job yesterday, but it may mean a better job in the near future. That's not too shabby.

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