Thursday, July 27, 2006

Waxidents Will Happen (not for the weak)

Today was waxing day. I went in to get my standard wax job done - brow and bikini. I had a waxident.

My waxer and I have been talking over the past few months about going to Rio De Janero. I made an agreement with Andrew that I'd go to Rio if he lost a certain number of pounds. I've been updating my waxer each month and she gets a little laugh out of my stories. I told her this morning that he had nine pounds to go.

I think she misunderstood and thought I was saying, "Hey, I know what'll be fun. Let's just go ahead and go to Rio today."

I didn't realize what was happening until she had smeared hot wax all over my goodies. At that point, I had three options.
1 - Say "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" and try to peel 1/4 cup of hot wax out of the zone without pulling out any hair.
2 - Let her do one side and tell her she must've misunderstood.
3 - Go through with it.

It didn't hurt so bad as my girlfriends have made it out to be. It was hot and a bit uncomfortable, but thirty minutes later I'm totally fine. Of course, I have an expert waxer.

I'm feeling a little bare, a little vulnerable right now. I had my waxident in the middle of a workday. At least I didn't wear a skirt today.

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