Monday, July 03, 2006

We're Not Alone!

I hear from all these people out here about how they get together with their college friends. I felt totally left out. Sure, I went to college. But that was in Arkansas! (And it's not like I tell people where I went to college. It's not on my MySpace account and not in my Classmates profile. I was a bit dissatisfied with my experience.) I didn't think I'd run into anyone from college out here, and it's not like I make myself easy-to-find for those college chums.

But we got connected up with a college chum yesterday and spent three hours at Panera visiting with him. He's out here beating the acting drum, just like us. Of course, I have to get used to calling him Brian instead of B.J. It was so nice to see a friendly face from the good ol' days. Now if I can get some other chums to move out here (Garrick, Andy - you guys are on my list).

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