Sunday, July 23, 2006

Working Out

I actually made it to belly dancing class yesterday, and class wasn't cancelled! That was a win for me. My body still feels awkward with these new moves, and I feel like I look stupid because I don't have the basics down yet. The cool thing about this teacher is that she encourages her students to take belly dancing from other teachers so they can learn different things. Most teachers (sports, dance, acting) discourage their students from trying to learn things from other teachers.

We spent a good portion of the class working with veils, which is an amazing arm workout. I felt things in my arms that I hadn't felt since I last played guitar.

That's right! I have three guitars, and I was thinking about when I last played. I used to play more regularly, but I've played maybe five or six times since things melted down around me in February. 'Gee,' I thought at then end of belly dance class, 'maybe I should pick up and play one of my guitars since I bothered getting them and it's a special skill I list on my resume.'

So I went home and played some. My calluses aren't what they were before. I could only play for thirty minutes before I got sore fingertips. I played just past the point where they were sore, then I stopped. I worked on some Alanis Morrisette tunes I pulled down from the internet. I didn't move as quickly from chord to chord and I had some trouble remembering the simplest things. I know I can pick up speed, but I have to work on it daily. That's the only way I'm going to get better at anything.

So from my belly to my fingers, yesterday was a lesson in discipline and the necessity to practice.

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