Thursday, August 31, 2006

Music Review - "I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You"

In his commentary, John Mayer describes this as a "really kinda sexy tune." I agree. It would be great for pole dancing. It's a slower song, a little more bare than the first track. It's got great rhythm. It reminds me of some 70s music with the funky guitar and keyboards.

I just can't get the idea of this song as an incredible strippy song out of my head. Ladies, this song would be great for stripping for any man who has taste in music. Seriously.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Music Review - "Waiting on the World to Change"

I figure I should expand on my Continuum posting. I'll give you a short song-by-song review of John Mayer's new album. I hope all twelve of you go out and buy it. He's an awesome musician and deserves lots of support.

We'll start with the first song on the album, "Waiting on the World to Change." This single was released to radio about two months ago. I downloaded it from iTunes a month ago and have been grooving on it since. It's a good radio release - a catchy little tune. The coolest part is the lyrics. He tackles how we complain and judge but we don't do anything to actually change conditions. One can draw from this that if we all took a little responsibility then conditions would actually improve. It's a nice little lesson for all of us wrapped up in a cute, friendly little song.

Sexy Game Show Hostess

I had my callback for the role of orgy hostess. I stopped at a store on my way to the audition to pick up a top that better accentuated my hiked-up boobies. I had Andrew dig through the trunk to see if I still had the sides (and I did). If I had all my ducks in a row, I would've pulled out the sides the day before and learned the lines and the cues. Oh well.

They told me they really liked what I did before so I just did that again. They asked me to do it once more but 5% more than what I was doing. Done. The director said I was like a sexy game show hostess but she liked it. She bought what I was selling since I wasn't doing anything untrue to the character. She believed I was an orgy hostess. Wow!

I don't know if or when I'll hear back from them. The writer/producer and the director were very nice ladies, and their auditions are very efficient yet pleasant. I think they were seeing at least one more girl for the role. At least they bought the act.

New Marketing Strategy

I get a lot of emails. I have three email addresses and I'm about to add a fourth. Oh, and I have myspace email as well. I try to keep up with everyone and everything I can, but it gets easy for things to slip through the cracks.

Let me be honest and spill the beans. I missed a jewelry party this weekend even though I got two Evites to attend. I knew on Wednesday of last week that I'd be busy Saturday earning my IMDB credit and helping my boss at an event, maybe hitting an audition if I could make it. I could've responded to the email and said, "Eek! I'm too busy but keep me on your list." I missed a friend's play earlier this month (?) because I got a myspace bulletin and didn't write it in my datebook. Eventually the bulletin was pushed to the side by "26 things I did last week" surveys. I had another friend who auditioned for the same part as me but she was cast. Her show ended this weekend. I got two emails from her (which should be enough) about the show's month-long run and I still managed to miss it. I didn't write it down anywhere. If I expect people to see my shows, I've got to figure out a way to make this promotion thing work.

Another friend was in a show earlier this year. She sent me a postcard. I was going to attend but Andrew had class on the only night I could've gone so I had no way to get there. However, I remembered her show and would've made one of the three shows if I had a way to get there. What's the difference between her show and the others? She mailed me a postcard. I can put a postcard somewhere to remind me. Sure, I could print out emails but they'd wind up in the pile of other emails I really wanted to study and do something about. The postcards don't get lost in the shuffle of cyberspace. Besides, I'm old-fashioned. I like things I can touch.

My plan is to collect up mailing addresses from all my friends and associates so I can mail them postcards when I do a show. I'll still send out the Evites and post the bulletins, but this will reach the people who are as bad with their e-communications as I can be. (This is your cue to send me your data to add to my personal mailing list.) You can email me your contact data at Put "mailing list" in the subject line.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I have a more meaningful post up my sleeve, but I need Andrew to do a special link for me. I've been really damn busy over the past week, but I promise more updates this week.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


This morning I got up for my extra work gig on an indie called Blind Ambition. I'm told it's like Bend It Like Beckham but with running instead of soccer. Anywho, I did the gig for free because I was promised IMDB credit. (Anyone in the television and film industry out here should be on IMDB. It's a way for potential employers to check your industry credits, and it's a great way for people to find you.) I played a high school student who stretched in two shots. If you see the movie when it comes out, I'm the golden-haired blob in a pink tank top and gray yoga pants with a green shirt tied around my waist.

There was a kid in our holding area who was talking about religion and questioning why one should just believe something just to believe it. I said that I was happy with my religion, he asked what it was and I answered. "SCIENTOLOGY!" You'd think I just cut one based on the silence. People pulled in their chairs and started asking me all sorts of questions. I guess I was the first Scientologist they'd ever met, like we're some rare breed of animal you could only find in captivity or New Guinea. I answered all the questions, dispelled the myths, and didn't try to change or convert anybody. (Why should I? If you don't like flossing your teeth, no one's going to force you to do it. Same thing with Scientology.) I think his goal was to stir up controversy, but I don't stir up easily and there is no controversy. Kinda funny.

Same kid started grilling me about my real age. My years in this body don't really matter if I can play a seventeen year-old. I told him I don't answer that question because women don't answer that question in Hollywood. He said I looked like I was 23 but I seemed really mature. I wouldn't budge. He said I could play 22 (even though I was there playing a high school student). I still didn't budge. Then I started saying yes to every age he guessed. He didn't like that. I told him I was 40. Didn't believe me. Told him I was 26. Didn't believe me. Told him I was 30. Didn't believe me. I look young but I seem very mature. We settled on 25. That was where we agreed. Funny what's real to a person.

For the Love of Dog - Part Two

I'll continue my rant on dog vaccinations with Holly. Holly was a purebred Dalmatian. She was my Christmas puppy one year, and I loved her desperately. She was naughty -- worse than Felicity. She ate a submarine sandwich off the counter one day, running through the house with a loaf of French bread in her mouth. She snored loudly and had "running" dreams. She ate my Revenge of the Nerds videotape and a pair of black leather boots.

As my first very own dog, I wanted to do everything by the book. When she was six weeks old, we took her to the vet for her booster shots and got her the heartworm vitamins that she never ate because they tasted horrible. Since my parents knew dogs (and we lived in the country), I had them give her the annual booster that the books said was necessary for a couple years, then I started doing it myself. It's not hard to vaccinate a dog, especially when you talk it through and you have someone to help you. She got annual boosters and rabies shots until she was seven and I somehow got the idea that all those boosters were unnecessary. Rabies shots were required, but the boosters weren't unless the dog was being boarded. We boarded her once and she didn't poop the entire week we were gone; she saved it up for the back seat of the Mustang on the way home.

When she was four, we gave her the standard booster and rabies shot combo. She developed a knot at the injection site that didn't go away for two years. We tried treating it with heat, cold and massage. The knot was a minor side effect, but it was disturbing that something that was supposed to be good for the dog caused a lump that lasted for two years. She got really sick in 2001 and her health was really tricky until her passing earlier this year. We took her to a nutritionist when she got sick and she was put on a special diet, vitamins and all-natural anti-parasite medicine. She did really well, but she had to be kept on the regimen to stay healthy. We decided against vaccinations from the time she was seven. Her body had a hard enough time fighting what was going on inside that we didn't want to make the body fight the vaccinations. When someone's fighting off the flu, why would you try to give the body chicken pox, mumps and the fifth disease to fight off as well?

Many veterinary practices don't see things this way. Might as well go ahead and bring the animal to full health -- give them the shots while they're getting an operation for something else. Be sure they get those booster shots when they come in, even if it's mange that needs to be treated and not coronavirus or bordatella. That's part of the reason Holly didn't see a vet for the last years of her life, and that's a good part of the reason we haven't taken Piper and Felicity in to get their girly parts removed. The dog needs to battle one things at a time. We're going to deal with present illness, then one vaccine at a time, then surgeries. I love the dogs too much to have a drive-thru mentality for their health care.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Continuum = w00+!!!

It’s no big surprise that I’m a John Mayer fan. Remember when I joined the fan club? I was depressed when they moved the advance ticket sales date by a few days because I didn’t want to miss out on awesome seats. I saw his show on the Heavier Things tour, we watch Any Given Thursday all the time. I would’ve seen John Mayer Trio at House of Blues last fall but my sister was in town when they were playing.

Yesterday I got a sneak listen of Continuum, his new album available in stores on September12th. I’ll give you a little review. (Just to qualify myself as a listener, I grew up around music. We listened to albums all the time. I went to my first concert when I was four. I was the only person in my music appreciation class to describe a guitar riff as "crunchy.")

Dude, his songwriting skills are so good that I didn’t think they could get any better – but they did. This album is a deeper, richer sound. The blues influence is apparent. It has two songs from "Try!" – "Gravity" (the song I did my solo pole dance to when I finished the beginner session) and "Vultures." It’s a more grown up sound than Heavier Things (which I LOVE) and Room For Squares. He tackles some pretty heady topics with this album. My favorites are "I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)," "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" (about an inevitable breakup), and "I’m Gonna Find Another You." I think they’d all be great pole dancing songs.

I really look forward to this concert. It’s going to be awesome. He’s a great performer, and he’s really taken things to a whole new level with this album. In the meantime, the album is available here for preview. You can listen to it with his commentary, finding out the stories behind the songs. It’s like radio used to be before it turned into a world of suck filled with fake laughter and stupid contests. You learn something from it. I feel like I’m a slightly better songwriter for listening to the commentary.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

With the Mostest?

Last week I had an audition to play an orgy hostess in an independent film. I thought I was the wrong type and didn't fit the character description at all. I went anyway, doing my best to fit the description, and I did my little audition.

They liked me. I have a callback Tuesday. I'm really surprised by it because I never would've seen myself in a role like that, but someone else was willing to see me in a new way. I guess the real lesson here is to trust that people call me in for a reason, even if I don't fit my own perception of the character.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For the Love of Dog - Part One

I love dogs. It's no surprise. Hell, I set up a blog for my dog. I grew up with dogs and I'm bringing my third puppy into doghood. I've dealt with dog bites, dog fights, fleas, ticks, cysts, baby teeth, broken tails, seizures and death. I clip my dogs' nails and I've even personally given them vaccinations. I've paid outrageous rent to keep my dogs when I've moved. I feel that these things fall under my responsibility as dog owner.

Felicity is a naughty little dog. I'm trying to use the experience I gained from the first two dogs to raise her right. I don't spank her unless she bites, fights or eats poopy, and even then she just gets enough of a swat to pull her attention away from the bad act she was committing. Last night she pulled our convection oven to the floor and ate Andrew's dinner from inside. She has tons of toys and gets lots of attention. A few casting opportunities have popped up on the websites looking for girls with dogs, and I've submitted us. We haven't booked anything together yet, but I know that I need to make sure she's well-behaved when we do book something.

That's why I started researching bitch school. I wanted to take her to some classes where she gets alone time (away from Piper) and gets to learn etiquette. When I called around, I found that she had to have a number of vaccinations before she can start classes.

Vaccinations upset me. I know rabies shots are mandatory, but vaccinations are taken to extremes and can produce negative effects in animals. I'll go into more detail in another part. Now that Felicity is about 26 lbs., I'm willing to have her vaccinated for rabies. I'm following the advice of Martin Goldstein, DVM, by putting her on a regimen of vitamins A, C and E two to three weeks before her shot, then continuing the vitamins two to three weeks after. The idea is to strengthen her immune system so she doesn't suffer ill effects -- and believe me, there are ill effects -- from the shot. We're three days into the vitamins and she's not having any negative reactions to the dosages.

In the meantime, I've allocated a specific playtime where she gets alone time with me and Piper gets alone time with Andrew. I'm reading articles and books on dog training to see what I can do from home.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I need to do more actor self-promotion. It's the only way I'm going to get work until I get an agent (and the only way I'm going to get an agent). When I have an agent, I still have to do my own promotion if I really want to work. I can't sit back and expect the agent to do all the dirty work.

I've subscribed to one casting service online, and I pay by the submission on another. I used to be with a third casting service but I dropped it. I hit those boards as a last resort, and the last month I was a member I didn't hit them at all. (Many of the jobs were duplicates of the other casting service.) I mail out headshots to some jobs that are listed on the pay-per-submission site to save a little money. The problem is that I have six color headshots left and I'm sending out two today.

I found a cheap place to get reproductions, but I still have to have moolah for the repros. I'm hoping that my check from the last all-night shindig comes in soon so I can get them done. I'm not doing my phone recording gig until this Sunday, and that was how I was going to pay for my pics.

It's a terrible catch-22. I can't pay for more pics unless I book paid work, but I can't book paid work without more pics.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dancing Queen

In my last blog, I talked about how I'm learning choreography in my pole class for public performance. It seems that's also the plan with the belly dance class. We've been learning choreography on the Saturdays I've made it to class but I figured it was just a fun way for us to put the steps that we've learned together. Last weekend (while I was at my Scientology weekend seminar extravaganza) the teacher announced that she wanted us to perform the piece we're learning. I found out at the end of this Saturday's class about the plan.

Jamilla, my teacher, dances at a number of restaurants during the week. She's arranged for us to perform our routine at Dar Maghreb in Hollywood on the first Tuesday night in December. I'm excited. I love performing. Another girl in my class (who's been there longer and more often than me) is very anxious about performing. I figure, even if I don't know all the moves very well I can just shake my can and draw attention to my boobs on the parts I don't know. This is a whole new performance venue that's opening up for me. Cool!

I'll give more specifics when I get them. All twenty-six of my readers are welcome to come see me shake it, no matter what my skill level may be at that time.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I started my pole master class last night. In this class, we do choreography to various pieces of music. We're starting with some song from West Side Story. I've never watched West Side Story, so I probably should to get a feel for how they present the story. The music is fun and we're doing some "fighting" at the beginning. We're going to get into a duel a bit later in the song, and Gabrielle said we would be pulling out the big guns of pole tricks for that.

I'm glad I'm taking a class that's choreography heavy. Choreography is a weakness for me. In other classes, I've had a hard time seeing what was being taught, duplicating the motion before we moved onto something else, and taking the things I knew and remembering where they went. The only way to handle a weakness is to work on it. I'm hoping that since I'm pretty good with pole dancing anyway, it will be easier for me to learn how to pick up choreography faster. I'll master my weakness and turn it into a strength.

We're going to learn a few dances before we perform anywhere. I'm eager to perform, but I think my teacher already knows that.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still Skinny After All These Weeks

It's been some weeks since I finished the diet. I know, I go on about the diet all the time. It's been the most successful diet I've ever done, and I feel great.

I weigh in at about 103 lbs. every morning. I usually eat one starch meal a day and follow it with dessert. Most of my starch meals are pasta, like I'm eating in the picture (first day back on real food). Sometimes I'll eat veggies with the meal, sometimes I won't, but I always have room for dessert.

I've had some starch-heavy days like when I did the all-night extra work and ate a meal there then breakfast with potatoes on my way home. I balloon up to 105 lbs. when I do that. I'm also tired more often when I'm starchy. Then I cut out starches for 24 to 48 hours and just eat protein and veggies. I slide back to 103 lbs. pretty quick.

I can't eat as much as I could before the diet, but I know my body doesn't need that much food. We're fooled into believing we should have 2000 calories a day, no matter what size and body type we have. According to that model, I should eat as many calories to maintain my body as a 225 lb. man who works outside all day. (The same logic is applied to pet vaccinations, but I'll go off on that nonsense on another day.) No wonder we have so much obesity in this country. We're not properly educated on how much we should eat for our body type so we make five trips to the all-you-can-eat bar so we feel like we're getting our money's worth.

And on the girly side, the diet does rebalance your hormones - the digesting hormones and the girly hormones. I don't bloat much at all when it's menses time. I don't experience the breast tenderness I used to around that time. My cycles finally follow the calendar, something that hasn't happened since I stopped taking the pill when I was nineteen. I also don't have much cramping.

I know there are all sorts of fad diets out there and lots of options for weight loss, but this has been the best program I've ever done. If you need to ten pounds or more, I highly endorse this program. I'm so slender I can't even fill out my leather pants, but I'm more muscular than I've ever been.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's so hard to fit in the few activities I have on my plate right now. I managed to carve out thirty minutes to play guitar last night, something I haven't been able to do in weeks. Of course, I didn't have enough time to squeeze out thirty minutes to work on my belly dancing.

My fall line-up will have more activities than I'm currently juggling. I start the master pole class tomorrow night. I'll have pilates on Wednesday nights, same as now. I'll still have belly dance on Saturdays and seminars at my office on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. In the fall, I'll be more active in my Scientology training. (I have to do an internship on counseling people. That can take a while.) I'm also enrolling in a documentary film class at L.A. Valley College. If I'm going to get better at guitar, I need to spend more time working on it, like thirty minutes a day. I also need to practice my dance arts while I'm at home. I'm going to allocate thirty minutes when I get home to rough housing with the dogs. I need to take Felicity to good dog school, so I have to figure out when that will be. Then there's always the possibility of doing a play or a film or even a little extra work to pay the bills. And I still have my day job.

It's a good thing I have the Doodlebug Datebook to work all these things out.

Oh, I guess I need to work on my drawing as well. And do some puppet stuff since I am Mimey in "The Felties." And finish my second play to enter in the contest.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I mailed in my headshot and resume for this project that sounded really interesting. I liked the sound of the lead role - a tough but smart troubled girl. I wrote the name of the project on the envelope and mailed it off. Yesterday I got a call for an audition today for the role of Barbie. There were a lot of roles open in this project, so I thought a number of them might be a good fit.

I went on Showfax this morning to pull the sides. I'm auditioning to play a blonde Barbie doll-type with big boobs and fake eyelashes. Oh, and she hosts orgies.

This is the picture I sent in. I guess we'll see what happens.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I am a firm believer in comfort food. Sure, Los Angeles has a ton of fancy and expensive restaurants with sushi and flushi and tushi and who knows what else, but I grew up eating meat and potatoes. I'd rather go someplace that feels like home.

Sunday we had lunch at Hooters in Hollywood. I love Hooters. The food is great, and the decor reminds me of my dad's house. There's warm lighting, polished wood tables, crooked pictures on the wall and sports going all over the place. The food is great and it's simple. I could eat at Hooters every day.

And speaking of comfort, I had my BFF with me. He's a great Hooters companion. Today is our wedding anniversary. We've been married since I was seventeen. It's nice to travel through life with a buddy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Work I Love

(Don't get me wrong. I love my boss and I have a great day job. I also love acting but sometimes it just doesn't pay as much as I'd like for the time involved.)

My doctor friend emailed me and asked me to come to his office to do some phone recordings tomorrow. I'll make $100 for a few hours work. I have a great voice, so he's a smart man for engaging my services. It's fun, easy work that pays nicely for the time commitment.

I want more work like this. If you know anyone who needs a phone greeting, email me. I'd be happy to talk for pay.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


One of the nice fellows from the zombie shoot posted these pics and I hijacked them before the link became inactive. His name is Bruce, and he's the one in the photo with me. I didn't have my hair back in the film, but it was too hot for me to wear it down while I was waiting. (This was the death of my tank top; the straps were so worn out that it went straight from my body into the garbage.)

Here's a couple pics of the zombies and super zombies. The super zombies have blood on their faces.

And here's what our waiting area looked like. You can see Andrew hamming it up. I think I'm laying in the floor behind the second wall beam on the right. If you look closely, you can see a zombie eating pizza.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Call That Pole Dancing?

I know, it seems like all I ever do is talk about pole dancing.

And to continue that line of thinking, I've seen a few television shows recently where scenes have taken place in strip joints with "pole dancing." So I wind up sitting on the edge of the couch, waiting to see what cool moves I can learn from the gals on-screen who are being PAID to strut their stuff. I've been met with terrible disappointment every time. You see, out of three different shows no one has done a single spin on the pole. They bump and grind near the pole, grab the pole to help them walk to another area of the stage, and lean against the pole. Sometimes they wear stripper shoes, sometimes just kitten heels. These women are booking these roles and there's no production demand put on them to really perform. Pole dancing is an athletic dance form that requires strength and skill. It's not just sexy dancing with a pole as a mere performance prop.

Anyway, I need to get on the ball and get an agent so I can get those kinds of jobs and REALLY demonstrate pole dancing properly.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

War Wounds

This was the bruise on my foot last Friday after my Thursday night pole class. The cooler tricks bring more brusies. The bruise is mostly gone now, just in time for my pole scene in the movie.

That is, if they ever call me and tell me when we're shooting it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

"It's Time to Play the Feud!"

Yesterday Andrew and I attended a taping of six shows of "Family Feud." You can call your local station and ask when episodes 021 through 026 air and you can see us in the audience on the left of the board. In episode 26 we're in the front row.


Wash dies.

Then he returns in "Into the West" as the brother of Lieutenant Spears from "Band of Brothers."

He lives. At least through the first disc.

We were paid to be on-camera audience for the day. They had plenty of ticket holders and family and friends of the contestants, but the rest of the house was filled with paid audience. We learned how to clap so we wouldn't tire, how to give the "aaaaawww" when they got a wrong answer and follow that up with a sympathy clap, and we were entertained between episodes by the announcer who sang for the audience. It was fun. I wouldn't want to attend tapings for some other popular game shows, whether I got paid or not. Some game shows totally suck. This one isn't so bad. They got rid of Al "The Bore" Boreland as host and replaced him with Elaine's boss from "Seinfeld," Mr. "Dancing With the Stars." He's a good host, friendly guy. We saw someone win $20,000. It was cool.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Proper Tools

With all of my different hobbies over the years, I've learned that it's really important to have proper tools. I have proper nunchucks, a straight sword and a staff for when I'm ready to continue in kung fu. I have three great guitars. I have a standard chrome pole in my living room for the pole dancing. I had to get something for my belly dance class so I'd feel more like a belly dancer, more like I was taking it seriously and really committing to it.

I feel terrible when I have to borrow equipment from the teacher -- in any class. The least I can do is have my own materials. I shopped around various belly dance websites and found I had two options: 1) Get a hip scarf that's cheap so I have something for now, but I'll probably wind up hating it because it's poorly constructed and/or isn't what I really wanted; or 2) Spend too much money on a hip scarf that I love so I feel good about wearing it in public. As a poor artist, I need to be as smart with my money as I can. That's when I remembered another option - 3) Look for what I want on eBay.

I got my hip scarf as a buy-now for under $26 with shipping included. It had the coins and bells I wanted so I could make lots of noise to distract from my terrible dancing. Usually a scarf like this would cost about $50 before shipping. It arrived last week and I got to try it out today.

Dude, it looked and sounded awesome. I think that having my own hip scarf made the dancing easier. I didn't look as awkward or feel as stupid. It's amazing how the proper tools can really help a course of study. Now I just have to get new zills for next week.

And my arms look AWESOME!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Stripping & Being Stripped

Last night we did more stripping in class. We weren't supposed to strip too fast because that eliminates the "tease" part of the striptease. I tried to go nice and slow the first time and I found myself still wearing my skirt. I sped it up the second time and spent half the song dancing around in my bra and panties. I still need to work on my timing. It's funny how perfectly comfortable I was stripping down to my unmentionables and dancing around in a room full of women whose last names I don't even know.

When I went for my fitting on Wednesday, I had to change into the bra and panties I wore last night. (When you're auditioning to be sexy or stripping, it's probably a good time to wear undies that match. I don't think they would've taken me as seriously in a flesh tone bra and pink puppy dog panties.) The writer/director came into the room of "strippers" and asked me to show him some tricks on the pole (with another girl present for safety). So I wandered the halls of the old Klasky-Csupo building in my drawers, hopped on the pole stage, stretched out and started spinning. Not once was I uncomfortable or embarassed about my body. I'm used to being naked at the beach, but I don't usually expose this much skin for projects. I didn't go upside-down, but that was just because the pole wasn't the standard (and sturdy) pole that I'm used to. No reason to put myself at unnecessary risk. Dude thinks I'm too pale and wants to put me in a one-piece for that reason, but I wasn't self-conscious at all.

In fact, I enjoy this pole dancing so much that I was tempted to try to get work as a professional pole dancer. There was an ad on craigslist searching for non-nude pole dancers to work Friday and Saturday nights at a new club in Hollywood. If I knew more of what was expected and I had a hands-off (and no meet & greet or sleazy lap dances for strangers) guarantee, I might have actually auditioned for them. Pole dancing is a sport. I guess I'll have to ask more questions and (gulp) actually go see some pole dancing at a nightclub before I consider the line of work too much.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weight Management

I'm only supposed to have starches once a day to maintain my weight. If I have a starch fest, I'm supposed to avoid starches completely for 48 hours. I had more starches than I originally intended for the weekend. I found myself without options and I had to eat.

SATURDAY - chicken chili with beans, sandwiches

SUNDAY - stir fry with noodles, pizza

MONDAY - muffin, sandwich, Cheetos

TUESDAY - sandwich, flapjack

I was on-set all four days and there were absolutely no vegetables available for me to improve my diet. I weighed myself Tuesday morning when I finally got out of bed. 105 lbs. That's two pounds of weight gain.

I had salads with meat for the rest of Tuesday. Of course, I had the chili sample they handed out at Trader Joe's. No dessert, no sandwiches. I weighed myself Wednesday morning - 103 lbs. I was back to normal and I could eat starch for a meal. Huzzah! I'm glad I know the secret to staying slim, which is helpful when most sets have starchfests.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monday Night Jackass

I did background on a movie called Street Dreams Monday night & Tuesday morning. It didn't pay a whole lot, but it's always rewarding to pay bills with actor money.

I didn't really do my homework before I went. I knew it had one of the jackasses from Jackass: The Movie, but I didn't know which jackass. I also knew it had some skaters, but I'm not keeping up with skaters these days so I really don't know the names of the people involved.

The jackass (and mind you, I'm only referring to them as jackasses because their show was "Jackass") was Ryan Dunn. If I'm not mistaken, he's the one who put the Matchbox car up his ass for an x-ray. In the club scene I participated in, he walked around with a rubber dong hanging out of his pants. Very nice guy. The rubber dong was a bit distracting.

Anyway, the lesson I learned was ALWAYS BRING A BLANKET. I was waiting outside in this little butterfly tank top and it gets really cold at night in Los Angeles. This is twice I almost froze my ass off because I didn't bring a blanket.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nudity in Entertainment - A Nudist's Perspective

I spent my weekend doing a zombie short film. I had lots of fun, met new people, helped out a young director, and got to do something I love. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

In the film, there's a lead zombie who whomps my character and the one I do my scene with, Andrew's character, and I think the rest of the leads. SPOILER: The lead zombie character is female, but it was played by a man. Around 7 PM Saturday night we all discovered she was being played by a large and naked man.

I'm a nudist, but I was caught off-guard by the naked man roaming the halls of USA. In fact, I got lost in the middle of one of my long-winded stories because I didn't expect to see a nude man weaving his way in between lab coats and zombies. The other actors (non-nudists) were far more surprised than me, and two of them mentioned to me that they were offended that this fellow was naked.

The effect will probably turn out really cool in the completed film, and I think this large man was a brilliant choice for a zombie that can take down a couple of tough women and some dudes who are 6'+ tall. I was afraid that the female zombie was going to be so small that I'd be able to take her with my strength. Of course, there may have been a completely different reaction if there was a 98 lb. naked woman wandering the halls. However, here are some recommendations that might make a naked wanderer on-set easier to experience:

1. Maybe let people know beforehand that there will be on-set nudity. Some people have real issues with naked bodies, and they may not be entirely comfortable working with naked people. I got an audition for a film once where the script had my character doing a lesbian kiss with a completely naked girl. I knew when I read the script at the audition that this was to be expected so I could choose at that point whether or not I wanted to pursue this role, based on my comfortability. I think they guy who played the doctor was still pretty uncomfortable with the nudity on Sunday.

1A. If the nudity wasn't part of the original plan but the stars aligned so it would happen, it would be apropos to let the cast and crew know that there would be nudity on-set because it would create the best effect in the film. It might make the thing a little easier to experience, especially for the prudish or modest. At least they would know the nudity was intentional and it wasn't just invasion of the streakers.

2. It's okay to wear a robe or a towel to cover up. As a nudist, I've learned all about where it's okay to be naked and where it's not. At the nude beach, you have to walk to the far end of the beach next to the military base to get naked and sun yourself. That way it's out of the way and barely visable to the other people who are there to enjoy the beach with their clothes on. Imagine if some school administrators walked by and saw the naked guy in the hall. A friend from work was going to come with his eleven year-old daughter on Sunday to be zombie extras. I called him Saturday night and told him he was still welcome to come and bring the daughter but there was nudity on-set and I wasn't sure if he wanted her to witness that. If I knew the nudity was going to be contained -- say, in a bathrobe -- I could've passed that along to him as well. I'm not sure whose responsibility the bathrobe should be, but I'd say the actor and the director should each provide one, just to be safe. The first day of shooting was worse than the second since no one was used to the idea of a naked guy in the halls, but he had a robe the second day.

3. Please don't put your bare ass anywhere. At nudist resorts, you must always carry a towel. The idea is that you can sit on it wherever you land. Don't want to share ass sweat with strangers! Our lead zombie sat bare-assed in a cloth director's chair, no towel between him and the chair. It's bad form in nudist circles to go this. Let's take a lesson from nudists, South Park, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and ALWAYS BRING A TOWEL.

He's a very professional guy. It was just one hell of a shocker and not the easiest thing for the others on-set to experience. By Sunday we were pretty used to it, and everyone was making cracks (ha!) about it. Fortunately no one was so offended that they didn't return for the second day of filming. Following my little guidelines would've eased the cast's introduction to this naked mutant zombie.