Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's so hard to fit in the few activities I have on my plate right now. I managed to carve out thirty minutes to play guitar last night, something I haven't been able to do in weeks. Of course, I didn't have enough time to squeeze out thirty minutes to work on my belly dancing.

My fall line-up will have more activities than I'm currently juggling. I start the master pole class tomorrow night. I'll have pilates on Wednesday nights, same as now. I'll still have belly dance on Saturdays and seminars at my office on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. In the fall, I'll be more active in my Scientology training. (I have to do an internship on counseling people. That can take a while.) I'm also enrolling in a documentary film class at L.A. Valley College. If I'm going to get better at guitar, I need to spend more time working on it, like thirty minutes a day. I also need to practice my dance arts while I'm at home. I'm going to allocate thirty minutes when I get home to rough housing with the dogs. I need to take Felicity to good dog school, so I have to figure out when that will be. Then there's always the possibility of doing a play or a film or even a little extra work to pay the bills. And I still have my day job.

It's a good thing I have the Doodlebug Datebook to work all these things out.

Oh, I guess I need to work on my drawing as well. And do some puppet stuff since I am Mimey in "The Felties." And finish my second play to enter in the contest.

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