Friday, August 25, 2006

Continuum = w00+!!!

It’s no big surprise that I’m a John Mayer fan. Remember when I joined the fan club? I was depressed when they moved the advance ticket sales date by a few days because I didn’t want to miss out on awesome seats. I saw his show on the Heavier Things tour, we watch Any Given Thursday all the time. I would’ve seen John Mayer Trio at House of Blues last fall but my sister was in town when they were playing.

Yesterday I got a sneak listen of Continuum, his new album available in stores on September12th. I’ll give you a little review. (Just to qualify myself as a listener, I grew up around music. We listened to albums all the time. I went to my first concert when I was four. I was the only person in my music appreciation class to describe a guitar riff as "crunchy.")

Dude, his songwriting skills are so good that I didn’t think they could get any better – but they did. This album is a deeper, richer sound. The blues influence is apparent. It has two songs from "Try!" – "Gravity" (the song I did my solo pole dance to when I finished the beginner session) and "Vultures." It’s a more grown up sound than Heavier Things (which I LOVE) and Room For Squares. He tackles some pretty heady topics with this album. My favorites are "I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)," "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" (about an inevitable breakup), and "I’m Gonna Find Another You." I think they’d all be great pole dancing songs.

I really look forward to this concert. It’s going to be awesome. He’s a great performer, and he’s really taken things to a whole new level with this album. In the meantime, the album is available here for preview. You can listen to it with his commentary, finding out the stories behind the songs. It’s like radio used to be before it turned into a world of suck filled with fake laughter and stupid contests. You learn something from it. I feel like I’m a slightly better songwriter for listening to the commentary.

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