Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For the Love of Dog - Part One

I love dogs. It's no surprise. Hell, I set up a blog for my dog. I grew up with dogs and I'm bringing my third puppy into doghood. I've dealt with dog bites, dog fights, fleas, ticks, cysts, baby teeth, broken tails, seizures and death. I clip my dogs' nails and I've even personally given them vaccinations. I've paid outrageous rent to keep my dogs when I've moved. I feel that these things fall under my responsibility as dog owner.

Felicity is a naughty little dog. I'm trying to use the experience I gained from the first two dogs to raise her right. I don't spank her unless she bites, fights or eats poopy, and even then she just gets enough of a swat to pull her attention away from the bad act she was committing. Last night she pulled our convection oven to the floor and ate Andrew's dinner from inside. She has tons of toys and gets lots of attention. A few casting opportunities have popped up on the websites looking for girls with dogs, and I've submitted us. We haven't booked anything together yet, but I know that I need to make sure she's well-behaved when we do book something.

That's why I started researching bitch school. I wanted to take her to some classes where she gets alone time (away from Piper) and gets to learn etiquette. When I called around, I found that she had to have a number of vaccinations before she can start classes.

Vaccinations upset me. I know rabies shots are mandatory, but vaccinations are taken to extremes and can produce negative effects in animals. I'll go into more detail in another part. Now that Felicity is about 26 lbs., I'm willing to have her vaccinated for rabies. I'm following the advice of Martin Goldstein, DVM, by putting her on a regimen of vitamins A, C and E two to three weeks before her shot, then continuing the vitamins two to three weeks after. The idea is to strengthen her immune system so she doesn't suffer ill effects -- and believe me, there are ill effects -- from the shot. We're three days into the vitamins and she's not having any negative reactions to the dosages.

In the meantime, I've allocated a specific playtime where she gets alone time with me and Piper gets alone time with Andrew. I'm reading articles and books on dog training to see what I can do from home.

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