Monday, August 07, 2006

"It's Time to Play the Feud!"

Yesterday Andrew and I attended a taping of six shows of "Family Feud." You can call your local station and ask when episodes 021 through 026 air and you can see us in the audience on the left of the board. In episode 26 we're in the front row.


Wash dies.

Then he returns in "Into the West" as the brother of Lieutenant Spears from "Band of Brothers."

He lives. At least through the first disc.

We were paid to be on-camera audience for the day. They had plenty of ticket holders and family and friends of the contestants, but the rest of the house was filled with paid audience. We learned how to clap so we wouldn't tire, how to give the "aaaaawww" when they got a wrong answer and follow that up with a sympathy clap, and we were entertained between episodes by the announcer who sang for the audience. It was fun. I wouldn't want to attend tapings for some other popular game shows, whether I got paid or not. Some game shows totally suck. This one isn't so bad. They got rid of Al "The Bore" Boreland as host and replaced him with Elaine's boss from "Seinfeld," Mr. "Dancing With the Stars." He's a good host, friendly guy. We saw someone win $20,000. It was cool.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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