Friday, August 18, 2006


I started my pole master class last night. In this class, we do choreography to various pieces of music. We're starting with some song from West Side Story. I've never watched West Side Story, so I probably should to get a feel for how they present the story. The music is fun and we're doing some "fighting" at the beginning. We're going to get into a duel a bit later in the song, and Gabrielle said we would be pulling out the big guns of pole tricks for that.

I'm glad I'm taking a class that's choreography heavy. Choreography is a weakness for me. In other classes, I've had a hard time seeing what was being taught, duplicating the motion before we moved onto something else, and taking the things I knew and remembering where they went. The only way to handle a weakness is to work on it. I'm hoping that since I'm pretty good with pole dancing anyway, it will be easier for me to learn how to pick up choreography faster. I'll master my weakness and turn it into a strength.

We're going to learn a few dances before we perform anywhere. I'm eager to perform, but I think my teacher already knows that.

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