Saturday, August 26, 2006


This morning I got up for my extra work gig on an indie called Blind Ambition. I'm told it's like Bend It Like Beckham but with running instead of soccer. Anywho, I did the gig for free because I was promised IMDB credit. (Anyone in the television and film industry out here should be on IMDB. It's a way for potential employers to check your industry credits, and it's a great way for people to find you.) I played a high school student who stretched in two shots. If you see the movie when it comes out, I'm the golden-haired blob in a pink tank top and gray yoga pants with a green shirt tied around my waist.

There was a kid in our holding area who was talking about religion and questioning why one should just believe something just to believe it. I said that I was happy with my religion, he asked what it was and I answered. "SCIENTOLOGY!" You'd think I just cut one based on the silence. People pulled in their chairs and started asking me all sorts of questions. I guess I was the first Scientologist they'd ever met, like we're some rare breed of animal you could only find in captivity or New Guinea. I answered all the questions, dispelled the myths, and didn't try to change or convert anybody. (Why should I? If you don't like flossing your teeth, no one's going to force you to do it. Same thing with Scientology.) I think his goal was to stir up controversy, but I don't stir up easily and there is no controversy. Kinda funny.

Same kid started grilling me about my real age. My years in this body don't really matter if I can play a seventeen year-old. I told him I don't answer that question because women don't answer that question in Hollywood. He said I looked like I was 23 but I seemed really mature. I wouldn't budge. He said I could play 22 (even though I was there playing a high school student). I still didn't budge. Then I started saying yes to every age he guessed. He didn't like that. I told him I was 40. Didn't believe me. Told him I was 26. Didn't believe me. Told him I was 30. Didn't believe me. I look young but I seem very mature. We settled on 25. That was where we agreed. Funny what's real to a person.

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