Monday, August 21, 2006


I need to do more actor self-promotion. It's the only way I'm going to get work until I get an agent (and the only way I'm going to get an agent). When I have an agent, I still have to do my own promotion if I really want to work. I can't sit back and expect the agent to do all the dirty work.

I've subscribed to one casting service online, and I pay by the submission on another. I used to be with a third casting service but I dropped it. I hit those boards as a last resort, and the last month I was a member I didn't hit them at all. (Many of the jobs were duplicates of the other casting service.) I mail out headshots to some jobs that are listed on the pay-per-submission site to save a little money. The problem is that I have six color headshots left and I'm sending out two today.

I found a cheap place to get reproductions, but I still have to have moolah for the repros. I'm hoping that my check from the last all-night shindig comes in soon so I can get them done. I'm not doing my phone recording gig until this Sunday, and that was how I was going to pay for my pics.

It's a terrible catch-22. I can't pay for more pics unless I book paid work, but I can't book paid work without more pics.

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