Saturday, August 05, 2006

Proper Tools

With all of my different hobbies over the years, I've learned that it's really important to have proper tools. I have proper nunchucks, a straight sword and a staff for when I'm ready to continue in kung fu. I have three great guitars. I have a standard chrome pole in my living room for the pole dancing. I had to get something for my belly dance class so I'd feel more like a belly dancer, more like I was taking it seriously and really committing to it.

I feel terrible when I have to borrow equipment from the teacher -- in any class. The least I can do is have my own materials. I shopped around various belly dance websites and found I had two options: 1) Get a hip scarf that's cheap so I have something for now, but I'll probably wind up hating it because it's poorly constructed and/or isn't what I really wanted; or 2) Spend too much money on a hip scarf that I love so I feel good about wearing it in public. As a poor artist, I need to be as smart with my money as I can. That's when I remembered another option - 3) Look for what I want on eBay.

I got my hip scarf as a buy-now for under $26 with shipping included. It had the coins and bells I wanted so I could make lots of noise to distract from my terrible dancing. Usually a scarf like this would cost about $50 before shipping. It arrived last week and I got to try it out today.

Dude, it looked and sounded awesome. I think that having my own hip scarf made the dancing easier. I didn't look as awkward or feel as stupid. It's amazing how the proper tools can really help a course of study. Now I just have to get new zills for next week.

And my arms look AWESOME!

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