Friday, August 04, 2006

Stripping & Being Stripped

Last night we did more stripping in class. We weren't supposed to strip too fast because that eliminates the "tease" part of the striptease. I tried to go nice and slow the first time and I found myself still wearing my skirt. I sped it up the second time and spent half the song dancing around in my bra and panties. I still need to work on my timing. It's funny how perfectly comfortable I was stripping down to my unmentionables and dancing around in a room full of women whose last names I don't even know.

When I went for my fitting on Wednesday, I had to change into the bra and panties I wore last night. (When you're auditioning to be sexy or stripping, it's probably a good time to wear undies that match. I don't think they would've taken me as seriously in a flesh tone bra and pink puppy dog panties.) The writer/director came into the room of "strippers" and asked me to show him some tricks on the pole (with another girl present for safety). So I wandered the halls of the old Klasky-Csupo building in my drawers, hopped on the pole stage, stretched out and started spinning. Not once was I uncomfortable or embarassed about my body. I'm used to being naked at the beach, but I don't usually expose this much skin for projects. I didn't go upside-down, but that was just because the pole wasn't the standard (and sturdy) pole that I'm used to. No reason to put myself at unnecessary risk. Dude thinks I'm too pale and wants to put me in a one-piece for that reason, but I wasn't self-conscious at all.

In fact, I enjoy this pole dancing so much that I was tempted to try to get work as a professional pole dancer. There was an ad on craigslist searching for non-nude pole dancers to work Friday and Saturday nights at a new club in Hollywood. If I knew more of what was expected and I had a hands-off (and no meet & greet or sleazy lap dances for strangers) guarantee, I might have actually auditioned for them. Pole dancing is a sport. I guess I'll have to ask more questions and (gulp) actually go see some pole dancing at a nightclub before I consider the line of work too much.

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