Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weight Management

I'm only supposed to have starches once a day to maintain my weight. If I have a starch fest, I'm supposed to avoid starches completely for 48 hours. I had more starches than I originally intended for the weekend. I found myself without options and I had to eat.

SATURDAY - chicken chili with beans, sandwiches

SUNDAY - stir fry with noodles, pizza

MONDAY - muffin, sandwich, Cheetos

TUESDAY - sandwich, flapjack

I was on-set all four days and there were absolutely no vegetables available for me to improve my diet. I weighed myself Tuesday morning when I finally got out of bed. 105 lbs. That's two pounds of weight gain.

I had salads with meat for the rest of Tuesday. Of course, I had the chili sample they handed out at Trader Joe's. No dessert, no sandwiches. I weighed myself Wednesday morning - 103 lbs. I was back to normal and I could eat starch for a meal. Huzzah! I'm glad I know the secret to staying slim, which is helpful when most sets have starchfests.

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