Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Call That Pole Dancing?

I know, it seems like all I ever do is talk about pole dancing.

And to continue that line of thinking, I've seen a few television shows recently where scenes have taken place in strip joints with "pole dancing." So I wind up sitting on the edge of the couch, waiting to see what cool moves I can learn from the gals on-screen who are being PAID to strut their stuff. I've been met with terrible disappointment every time. You see, out of three different shows no one has done a single spin on the pole. They bump and grind near the pole, grab the pole to help them walk to another area of the stage, and lean against the pole. Sometimes they wear stripper shoes, sometimes just kitten heels. These women are booking these roles and there's no production demand put on them to really perform. Pole dancing is an athletic dance form that requires strength and skill. It's not just sexy dancing with a pole as a mere performance prop.

Anyway, I need to get on the ball and get an agent so I can get those kinds of jobs and REALLY demonstrate pole dancing properly.

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