Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Argh! Me Rhomboids!

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so this post will be as piratey (but clean) as I can make it.

I've been on leave from me pilates class for two fortnights. I was still swingin' around the mast and shakin' me arse, but no pilates. Me coffers have been a might bare and I've been waitin' for the scurvy dogs at my office who loot the land to bring me back a cut o' the goods so I could pay fer me classes. Last night was the first time I had dubloons for me class.

Since all of us had seen a number of nights in the pilates studio, our cap'n put us through the ringer. We did advanced moves that really stretched our pirate bodies. This was the first time I used the pilates band, and my anchor-heavin' arms and rum-totin' abs got a bit of a workout. I got a greater stretch in me rhomboids than I've gotten from climbin' upside-down on the mast.

This pirate learned a valuable lesson: Keep goin' to pilates to keep the muscles strong and lean, or commit to a life of swabbin' the poopdeck, says I.

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