Saturday, September 02, 2006

Did I Promote Too Much?

I went to the Clear Channel website today so I could listen to more John and review it for you, hoping all sixteen of my readers will rush out and buy a copy of the album as soon as it's available. They took down the album and left the single that's playing on the radio. That's no fun for me. I already have that single on my iPod. I still have half an album to review. Argh!

So I guess I'll review the next song on the album from memory, then I'll review each of the remaining songs as soon as I get the CD. (Columbia and/or Clear Channel, you've disappointed me. How can I pimp this album when you give it then take it away? It's not like I'm going to buy less than two copies.)

Okay, fine.

Music Review - "Gravity"

Per John Mayer's commentary, this song was written for Continuum but John Mayer Trio played it last summer for fun. It made the Try! album. I danced to the Try! version for my final solo pole routine for the beginner class. Great pole dancing song. It's very bluesy, waltz-tempo song. Great mournful guitar. The studio version has harmonies, which Andrew felt that the live version was begging for harmonies. In addition to stripper music, this would also be a great song for crying into your pillow. Awesome stuff.

Since they took the whole album off the internet, you can grab a copy of Try! and try stripping to it. I think it's song # 5.

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