Wednesday, September 13, 2006

For the Love of Dog - Part Three

Felicity got her rabies shot on Monday night. I want to talk about Piper's vaccination history, but since Felicity's is so recent I'll start there and come back for Pipey.

The only shot required by law in California is rabies. If you want to board your dog or send her to public school, you have to get other shots -- the ones usually covered in the six billion boosters you give during puppyhood and should allegedly give annually. The dosage for a tiny dog is the same as the dosage for a large dog with any of these vaccinations, so I decided to wait until the Doodlebug was a bit bigger. At 27 lbs. and nearly nine months, she seemed like she could handle it.

I'm doing things very different with her. I learned with the first two dogs. (I guess that's what my parents were trying to do with their six kids.) I've learned a lot and I'm applying what I've learned. Felicity was given specific dosages of vitamins A, C and E for three weeks prior to the shot. She'll continue the treatment for three more weeks. Dr. Martin Goldstein recommends this treatment to help handle side effects and help the body cope with the shots. Smart man.

The wait at PetCo was not good (an hour and a half), but the price was right ($13). The vet on duty gave me a phone number to get a voucher for free neutering since Los Angeles has a stray problem so they passed a law that prohibits animals from having sex organs. Neutering costs between $40 and $250, so I'll take the free voucher. Felicity did fine with the wait and the shot. I think I was more concerned about it than she was.

She hasn't been feverish, had convulsions or excessive vomiting (as the consent form warned). She's been a little tired and has had loose poopies, but she's doing well. The vitamins helped a lot. There's no evidence of a knot forming at the vaccination site. I think the Goldstein book should be required reading for any pet owner.

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