Friday, September 22, 2006

'ho Scouts

I'm going to my pole teacher's birthday party this evening. She's having a pole party, so all the girls have to dress up. I went out shopping yesterday so I'd have something to wear.

This was my first trip to a stripper store looking for clothes. I've gotten bolder with my shopping. I used to feel bad when I'd go in a store looking for something and they didn't have it, so I'd try to buy something so they could stay afloat. (They obviously didn't have what I needed so how well COULD they be doing?) I went into three stores this time looking for a slutty school girl outfit. The first store had a shoe sale, but I wasn't looking for shoes so I thanked the cashier and walked out. The second store had slutty Dorothy, slutty Heidi and slutty Snow White but no slutty school girl so I thanked the cashier and walked out. My final stop was Forplay. They had oodles of costumes. The cashier asked what I was looking for. I hollered out, "Slutty school girl." He pointed me in the right direction. I tried on one of the varieties they had (the best looking one), and I didn't like it. That's when I had Andrew grab the slutty scout. I tried it on and liked it. It's not too tight, not too loose, and is conservative enough to wear to a party.

I spend about $50 on my 'ho Scout uniform. I didn't buy shoes because I already have stripper shoes at home. What's funny is that when I lived just around the corner from these stores I would turn my nose up at the idea of walking past them. A few short years later, I find myself going in, handling a variety of garments and shouting out for a slutty costume with no regard for other shoppers.

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