Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hot Pole Dancers Get Drunk & Dance With Each Other

That should get lots of Google hits.

It took me a full day to recover from my pole teacher's birthday party. She's the sexy Barbie doll in the pic. I tried to get more pics of the hot chicks at the party, but alas, my camera phone has no flash. She'll be posting pics soon and I'll pirate from her.

I'll give the blow by blow on the party. This was the first pole party I attended, and I can't say that I'd ever want to attend another kind. There was a ton of food and lots of booze (even though I only consumed water - didn't want to fall off the pole dehydrated). She had six poles set up. It was a costume party, so everyone had to wear something slutty and she had stripper shoes to spare for the girls who didn't have them already. She ran it a little like an intro class for the first couple hours. It was girls only, and everyone learned a couple spins and some sexy floor moves so they could impress the boys later. I got to meet some girls from the lower levels and work with them on spins.

She let in the boys and it was free-for-all dancing time. I spent too much on my 'ho Scout outfit to go change out of modesty. Besides, I wore my standard dance class boy shorts beneath so no one would see my goodies. (There were others who weren't quite so modest, so I saw a little bit of girl ass after the boys were introduced into the population.) I played around and helped some girls with some spins. I think that I was the most trained one there besides Gabrielle. (Of course, I don't even hold a candle to her. She can do even cooler upside-down tricks on the pole. She's an amazing dancer.) I danced to a few songs while Mr. Moore watched, and my Flirty Girls sisters and I did the dance we learned for the infomercial. That was fun. We left after a couple hours when I was tired and sore.

I have no problem performing. In fact, I enjoy it. I'll put on quite a show for a group of people. Of course, my intention for public performances is to entertain. I'm not trying to stimulate anyone. I was very careful not to flirt or aim my "teases" inappropriately. Other girls brought their boyfriends and husbands to the party, and there were some single guys but I wasn't there to titilate. I was there to dance for the sheer joy of it. When I perform at home, I have the intention to demonstrate something cool I just learned or to seduce. As a performer, I have to be very cautious not to mix those intentions. I didn't give any lap dances for that very reason.

Anyway, I had SOOOOO much fun. I want to go to another pole party, maybe as a slutty cheerleader next time.

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