Thursday, September 28, 2006

John Mayer Concert Day!

Yesterday was John Mayer Concert Day. This was like a national holiday at my house. Andrew and I pulled out some JM tees and rushed to Irvine so I could see the sound check. (As a Local 83 Fan Club Member, I was able to see the sound check.)

This was my first sound check. Dude, I am SO doing this again. There were about eighty of us. While we waited to go into the amphitheatre, we stood around talking about the music. No one was like "I'm gonna show him my boobies and try to get backstage because he's dreamy." We all talked about how he's grown as an artist and "Bold As Love" is a rockin' song and what the set list was for the past shows on this tour. We were all very passionate about the music.

We were allowed a small point & shoot camera. I bought a disposable with "zoom" from the CVS. That white speck with the guitar is John. (This was shot with my camera phone.)

He picked at a few songs and played a little with the band. It was like a private show for we fans. He played "3x5" acoustic, messed around a little on "Stop This Train," did a little "Why Georgia." When we arrived they were playing "Gravity." There's nothing like the live version of that song. The rhythm just invades your body and starts controlling your heartbeat for you. I'd love to pole to the live concert sound of that song.

More posts coming. I have to get some work done at my day job after taking a holiday yesterday.

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