Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lap Specialist

My teacher offered a special class on Sunday night. Of course, I had to take it. I'd learned two types of lap dance in my other classes, and she promised to show us everything she knew that night.

A lot of people showed up. That was amazing. There were 23 people. There are usually eight to twelve in a regular pole class, so lots of L.A. girls know some new tricks.

I learned two more styles of lap dancing. It was pretty cool stuff. I like having these two other styles under my belt because they'll work better for film. The first two styles I learned would've been really tough to film because the intimacy would make it hard to fake contact with clever camera angles. It was a fun evening.

It's amazing how many women see themselves as unsexy. Class started with a lot of women introverted and feeling awkward about the idea of being sexy. By the end of class, they were all more comfortable with their own bodies and they were having fun using them! Everyone loosened up by the end. The neat thing about the lap dancing class is that it's stuff that has practical application at home without having to go out and purchase any equipment before performing.

Since that class, I've considered flying back to Hot Springs before Christmas and teaching everything I know about lap dancing to local gals for $30 a head. Wouldn't that be an awesome Christmas present for the men in their lives? And it would help them become more comfortable with their own bodies.

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