Monday, September 18, 2006

Makeover Urges

Last night and this morning as I was driving to work (see photo), I kept thinking about makeover urges. I think every girl gets the makeover urge at some point in her life.

When I was in seventh grade, I was a scrawny, freckled little thing. Since I was supposed to be into makeup in seventh grade, I sent away for one of those $1.99 kits that has a rainbow of eyeshadows and blushes in shades I'd never purchase today. Michelle, a girl in my study hall, offered to give me a makeover with my new case of colors. I walked into fourth period looking like a tomboy. I walked out looking like a cheap mini-prostitute. I know Michelle had the best of intentions -- she had the makeover urge when she saw me and she just wanted to help. It was after that incident that I learned how to artfully apply makeup so I'd never unintentionally look like a hooker again.

Okay, maybe it took me a while to learn how to artfully apply makeup. I taught my small sister how not to look like a whore when she was about the right age for makeup. She was a little disinterested at the time, but she seems to use those same techniques today -- with a little bit of a Gothic twist. At least she doesn't look like a whore.

I didn't have makeover urges with her to the degree I have now. This lovely girl has started doing some temp work for my office. She's bright, she's cute, and she's getting a lot of work done. My only problem is that she gives me makeover urges. I see this beautiful-skinned gal who could enhance her looks with a little makeup. I know she's got a ton of allergies, but there are a number of mineral makeup lines available that she could test for a match for her skin sensitivity. We could trim up her hair and give it some layers so it's easier to manage. Maybe get her into some contact lenses so the world can see her pretty eyes.

Of course, I haven't asked her permission. That's the problem with makeover urges -- you have to ask before you do them.

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