Sunday, September 10, 2006

Music Review

I owe you review since Thursday. It's pretty handy that there are five songs left on the album and five days of reviews to give (four in this one and one tomorrow), which leads you right up to the Tuesday release date, appetite whetted for Continuum.

As a musician myself, I can only aspiree to one day be half the songwriter and one-third the guitarist that Mr. Mayer is presently.

"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"

This was supposed to be Thursday's review. I loved this song when I first heard it so I played it over and over until they messed with my link. It's a very bluesy song. It's about lovers who know the end of the relationship is coming. Having seen a number of relationships end but the people struggling to try to suffer the relationship back together, I feel that the tune and the lyrics perfectly communicate this pained and awkward phase. Beautiful and emotional little ditty.

"Bold as Love"

Friday's review: This is a Jimi Hendrix tribute. In the commentary, John said he finally felt like a good enough songwriter to be able to play one of Hendrix's songs well. I have to agree. It's a wonderfully rich and colorful song that gave me greater appreciation for Hendrix. His "Purple Haze" tends to be overplayed so his other songs fade away for me. When I listened to this song, I remembered how much I loved "Waterfall" and how clever I thought the song was. Hendrix demonstrated himself to be an amazing lyricist with this song. He used imagery that I can only compare to Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market." Incredible stuff.

John doesn't do too bad a job bringing the song to life in present time. You can tell by the intensity of his voice that he's really happy to do this song. Makes me want to go back home and raid my dad's albums for Hendrix.

"Dreaming With a Broken Heart"

Okay, here's where I'm stumped. It's hard enough trying to do four reviews in one sitting, especially when I can't listen to the album again until its official release on Tuesday. Crappola. I don't remember enough specifics about this song to give it a proper review. I remember I liked it, but I can't recall anything specific enough about the lyrics, guitar work or rhythms to say anything smart about it. Sorry. Me likey whole album.

"In Repair"

Sunday's review: Per the commentary, this was supposed to be the last song on the album. It wound up second to last, but it has the feel of a last song. (I have to say, his albums are crafted like albums back in the 70s where every song was put in the perfect place.) This song floats. Seriously. It's a lighter sound than the rest of the album but it still has the great lyrics and amazing guitar work. It's not as bluesy. This song really communicates to me because it's about being in a less than optimum state but working on improving. It's an "I'm not perfect but I'm working on it" kind of song. I dig that. I think it's a nice reminder that we all have hard times but we can work on making things better.

There you go. One more song to go. Stay tuned.

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