Monday, September 11, 2006

Music Review - "I'm Gonna Find Another You"

Today is Continuum Eve, a day to celebrate. At my house, I'll be waiting by the mailbox impatiently, hoping that my official fan Continuum package arrives before I can't stand the wait and zoom to the nearest music store to buy a second copy that I can open immediately and load on my iPod.

Today is also the last day of my music review for this album. I know a handful of these songs have been a little out of order. My squirrely order does not reflect any desire for the album to be recrafted. As I said in my last post, every song is in the perfect place, just like the albums from the 70s.

So, the last song I reviewed was supposed to be the last song on the album, but this song felt like it needed to be after that (per JM commentary, of course). This blues ditty has a bit of a pop sensibility about it. It's something you could snap your fingers to, but it's not "pop" in a bad sense. It's about a break-up, but it's very hopeful. There are other, better fish in the sea. (This is a sentiment I've touted to people who've come crying to me about break-ups. Hopefully they'll listen when they hear it from John.) It could be a break-up theme, if you will.

Anyway, please go out and support good music by purchasing Continuum tomorrow.

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