Monday, September 04, 2006

Music Review - "Stop This Train"

Okay, I know that they changed the link I had up. Now you can only listen to the radio release from John Mayer's new album instead of the entire album. I'm still a little upset about that, but upset is my middle name today so this should be a good post. (Notice I said "should." That's not a promise.)

"Stop This Train" is a song about being on a figurative runaway train. Things are just moving too fast and one wants to slow down or maybe get off. You know how you start off very innocent and hopeful then things get carried away before you realize what's happening. The song captures that sensation. It's a plucky little tune that builds momentum and comes downhill to a more raw sound. (It's not a song I'd recommend for pole dancing.) I think it has universal appeal.

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