Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tengo Dos

I had two days on "NUMB3RS." I'm not real big on watching the show but only because I'm not sure when it comes on. It's probably on at the same time as "Lost," or it's on when I have a class. I'll watch at least an episode since I worked the show, and there is the possibility I'll work the show again in the future.

I didn't get a gun yesterday. That was very unw00+. I arrived in a black shirt and brown pants with a belt in hopes I'd get a rubber gun to clip to it. The costume person wanted me to wear the gray pants (no beltloops) from the day before and my tailored black oxford that looks better untucked. Oh well. Thursday I wore the gray pants with a gray tailored oxford and a periwinkle blue tank beneath. Now you know what to watch for in the background blur.

My photos from the day are lame. Sorry about that. I couldn't take my camera phone onto the FBI bullpen set because I had no pockets and if I had to turn it off then what was the point? Can't take pictures when the camera phone is turned off. I also didn't want to lose the job if I pulled out the ol' camera phone to take pictures of the set and they got the wrong idea that I was trying to take pictures of the actors. So there's one pic of me between someone's living room and the "foliage" outside with really bright lighting, and there's one pic of me standing in the bathroom with an FBI badge around my neck. At least you can see what I wore on Friday.

For those of you hoping for me to get autographs on one of these sets, the rule is that extras are not supposed to fraternize (or talk to) the lead actors. If anyone gets caught, they can get booted on the spot. The funny thing is that the extras don't really interact with the leads in the show. We were buzzing around the bullpen giving each other the 'sup nod (like "Whassup?") and passing things to one another. We never interacted with the leads during the show. We just walked right past them. If you watch the show a few times, you'll be able to notice the disconnect between the leads and the background.

Home viewers -- prepare yourselves for a little game of "Where's Pammy?" when they air "The Mole." I think it's episode seven this season, but I know it's the one with the teacher who won the math contest. You might want to videotape it so you can rewind and replay my blurs. Might make it easier to actually WATCH the show then look for me on a second or third viewing.

FBI bullpen - morning - I'm standing against a cubicle in my gray-blue-gray outfit, hair mostly down. I thumb through a file and interact with a few of my cohorts. I couldn't see the camera lens, so I don't know how well you'll see me.

FBI bullpen - sometime - Charlie walks into the breakroom in his corduroy jacket. I walk a few paces behind him but keep going when he enters the breakroom. I cross back past the breakroom again. On my third cross I land in the cubicle right outside the breakroom and talk photos with a gal wearing a bun and a gal with a gun. This is gray-blue-gray. You may be able to see me because I could see the lens.

FBI bullpen - morning - Megan and David are sitting in a cubicle watching something happen in another office. I'm in the cubicle just behind them. I'm on the phone, passing papers to the guy in the blue shirt behind me, and on the phone. This is the black & gray combo, hair in a ponytail. Megan and David cross and stand right in front of me. You may see me in the background of that shot because I could see the lens.

FBI bullpen - morning - Megan and David arrive in my cubicle and they talk about something. Instead of the guy in the blue shirt, the teacher in a black shirt and gray pants is right behind me. Her name is Sheila. Nice lady. You can see me in this shot but I don't know how well. Don storms into the cubicle and looks in a drawer.

FBI bullpen - morning - I'm standing with my friend David (not character David) who worked on the skater film and the zombie film. He's got a shaved head and he's in a suit. Sheila is at my old seat in the cubicle, and there's a new guy in a blue shirt behind her. This is the scene where Don asks her for a folder. David and I were chatting and passing things back and forth. You can see me in the shot but I don't know how well.

FBI bullpen - night - Megan comes in from a long day doing whatever. David (jacket off) and I cruise past her and land at the elevator where we stand and chat. In some shots we're joined by Amy, a blonde gal in a jacket and skirt. You may see me but probably not very well.

There you have it. Keep your eye out for the episode. We'll see if you can actually see my face! Face time = w00+!

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