Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Very Personal Post

This is far more revealing than my bikini wax postings. Beware.

Andrew and I are challenged in the world of baby making. To be blunt, he didn't have many swimmers and I was allergic to the ones he had. Oh, and I rarely ovulate because my pituitary gland is damn lazy and I don't have a lot of eggs. In fact, I got pregnant once and my body ate the baby within a few weeks. It's not that we're "lucky not to have kids" that might interrupt our lives or that we're "smart for not having kids yet." I stopped taking the pill at nineteen and we haven't purchased prophos in at least four years. At least we get to practice making babies all the time and we don't have to worry about the potential consequences.

Of course, this didn't stop Los Angeles Child Protection Services from trying to take our child Kenya away. That's right. I got a call today from CPS for a hearing to take Kenya (different last name) away. The lady started the message on our answering machine specifically for Pamela Moore. I was to attend a hearing about my child Kenya. Wow. Andrew picked up the phone and set her straight.

Don't these telemarketers do their research first?

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