Thursday, September 21, 2006

Very Un-L.A.

A friend of mine from the infomercial came by my office today to see about doing some temp work. She's a very nice girl. She's one of a few friends I have here that aren't actors; she's a writer. What's funny is that I didn't know she wasn't an actress until we were two months into the infomercial program. See, most of us got the gig by submitting through an actor website. I think we all assumed that everyone there was an actress. Of course, she didn't behave like an actress (self-centered, ALWAYS talking about the industry -- things I hate but still do).

We were talking this morning and she asked me how long I've been in L.A. When I told her, she was really surprised. She said, "Don't be offended, but you don't seem very L.A." How could I be offended? That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week!

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