Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I finished my novel last night in time to bake some cookies and watch "Heroes." I've done it. I've actually written a complete novel about a zombie prostitute. It has sex, gore, romance, mystery, and lots of cheese.

As I typed the final words, I almost cried. I've never done this before. Wow. I did it, and I'm not even a writer. I think I'll post the draft on a website so you can download and read it. I haven't spell checked, the grammar and punctuation are probably a mess, and it's lacking hyphens (for word count purposes). But who really cares? I wrote a novel in a month!

Special thanks go out to Andrew Moore for feeding and pooping the dogs and making dinner all those nights; Felicity for licking my face when I finished; John Mayer for providing me with hours of writing music; The Cure, Sting, Tom Cochrane, Alanis Morrisette and Belly for getting me over the finish line when I needed to change my pace.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happiest Halloween on Earth - Seriously

I accepted a paid gig at the last minute yesterday. I was going to operate a puppet in a haunted house at some party. It was four hours worth of work, and my evening was free after my theatre meeting. Andrew and I grabbed a couple puppets and I embarked on my first paid gig acting like a puppeteer. (I really suck as a puppeteer.)

This shindig was way better than I could have ever expected. It was held at this huge estate tucked in the eponymous Beverly Hills in a little gated community. We were shuttled to the mansion and we trekked through the back entrance to reach our gig.

Dude, the client had Disneyland set up in his back yard. Honest to God, Disneyland. He hired an Imagineer to come and set up Main Street U.S.A., Autopia, Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion. They were miniature versions of the park attractions, but they were super cool. I operated the last puppet in the Haunted Mansion. The puppets were used to keep the little ones from getting too scared by the effects.

I really enjoyed the job even though I was cramped under a card table with a puppet on my hand. After the kids left (and I heard Jodie Foster and Sylvester Stallone walked through the Haunted Mansion), we were allowed to snack on the leftovers. I had In-N-Out, steak skewers, barbecue ribs, grilled vegetables, fresh raspberries, hush puppies, a candied apple, and a Mickey Mouse cookie. I went home with two Mickey balloons, some fancy cookies, a chocolate covered caramel apple and a spare floral arrangement. Oh, and I went home with a check.

This was the most incredible Halloween party I've ever seen, and I was working it the whole time. I'm so glad I acted like a puppeteer for the night.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Painful Blessings

We worked on our pole and chair dance for the recital in class Thursday night. The last time through for the evening, I felt a horrible pain in my neck. I tried to stretch it out and hot hyperextend anything while I helped put poles away. I drove home with the ol' crampy neck. I had Andrew put Tiger Balm on it before I went to sleep. It really hurt.

I don't usually miss a day of work for pain and suffering. If I take off, it's usually because I booked a gig or I'm going to the beach. When I awoke at 7 A.M. yesterday, I was stiff and in great pain. I could barely turn my head without wincing. There was no way I would be comfortable at work all day. I had an audition at 4 P.M. and a theatre tour at 5:15 P.M. I needed to rest up my muscles. I curled up on the heating pad and set to watching terrible daytime programming.

I wasn't able to watch much television since it sucked. I got up and plugged away at my novel until I was ready to go back to the heating pad. Yesterday's pained day off work gave me 6000 words in my novel. I have a little over 5000 words to go and I've met my quota! I was also able to communicate battered wife in my audition with understated truth. (I was already in pain. We'll see if it was too understated if they bother calling me back.) The day of neck cramping was far more productive than I could have hoped.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zombie Prostitute - Six Days Left!

I have six days left. I've written 38,083 words. I'm behind on my word count, but I am picking up steam. I bagged pilates Monday and Wednesday night so I could make some forward motion. I am about 3000 words behind schedule.

What's really funny is that I'm picking up steam. I could have written more last night if my hand wasn't all cramped up. I didn't plan anything out in advance. I just started typing. I had ideas about where this book would go, but I wasn't writing specifically to reach any particular destination. I just wrote. I've now started in a new direction and I think the novel will be better than the crappy ass novel it was shaping up to be about a week ago.

I've also been alternating my music. Most of this book was written while I listened to John Mayer's Continuum or the bootleg from the September 27th concert in Irvine. I threw in a couple Sting albums around 20,000 words and that slowed me down. I listened to The Cranberries and good ol' Tom Cochrane last night. Last night was a 3000 word night. I may just switch up the tunes tonight after class to see how far I get.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Promo Pic

Andrew shot pictures of me Monday night. I have to get postcards made up to promote my pole/chair dancing showcase (where I will also be belly dancing) on December 3. I wanted something fun where my new pole skill was obvious. It needed to be cute but a little naughty, and it had to be festive for the holidays (since the showcase is called Holiday Shake). I think this is the one I'm going to use.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bucking Up

I've found myself having some interesting career conversations lately. When I have these conversations, I start to evaluate what I'm doing and how action help me and don't help me. I know I have to keep my purpose strong and maintain my desire to pursue my art no matter what comes my way. I think I can be smarter about it.

I'm eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. I meet lots of non-union actors on these shoots who are not yet eligible. Why am I not in SAG yet? I had convinced myself it was smarter to play the field until I had to join. See, I could work non-union and union jobs until I booked a speaking role in a union gig so I had to join. Of course, I book union shows as an extra and get non-union wages since I don't need any more vouchers for eligibility. I also stand the same chance of booking a role in a non-union project as I do in a union project.

Why do I need to make that extra $1500 to join this year instead of waiting? Here's what I've found:

- There is always someone on every gig I book with non-union people who has complaints about SAG but isn't in the union and has no vouchers. I don't dig this negative energy. You should at least have to be in the union before you can bitch about the union. Or there's always the option of not joining or pursuing union work so much if you hate the union so bad.
- I want to just work union jobs eventually. All of the speaking roles on television are union. All of the studio motion pictures employ union actors. If I want these jobs, maybe I shouldn't wait until someone tells me I have to join. Maybe I should just be causative and join now.
- I still haven't gotten paid for the work I did on that skater movie a few months ago. The union wouldn't let that happen. If it did happen, I'd get paid a penalty for their late payment to me.
- Being a union member is like having an agent. When you have an agent's name on your resume, it says that there's at least one person in the industry who will vouch for you. If you're in the union, it says that someone believed in you enough to get you union work (because everyone is non-union when they start out) or that you have the work ethic to be considered a professional. It's an indication that you didn't just fall off the turnip truck. You at least know something about working in film and television.
- There are a number of agencies who won't even consider representing someone who is non-union. They don't make a lot of money of non-union gigs. There are still plenty of agents who accept non-unoin, but most want union folks.

So now I just need that extra $1500 to join. I'm tempted to do a yard sale to get rid of a bunch of my toys. If I had a better house, I'd throw a "help me pay my dues" party and charge $10 a head for one pole of a good time.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wild Times in Diamond Bar

Saturday night through Sunday morning I worked background on a Ford commercial that shot in Diamond Bar. That's about 37 minutes out of Los Angeles. It was a non-union gig but it paid and it was a national commercial. What else was was I going to do all night on Saturday that paid?

I learn more and more every time I do one of these jobs. I highly recommend every actor work at least one day as background on a major production. It's a great way to see how things work, and it's an easy way to bring home actor paychecks.

I took my comics, as per usual, and read most of them before we were called to set. I did a little networking, but it wasn't one of those things where I extend my hand and tell someone what I need and want from them. It happened just because I was talking with people who were in my general area. We got to talking and I found a way I could help them and they originated a way to help me in my career. This is the kind of networking I craved for my first years in Los Angeles.

I also learned to keep my fool mouth shut. Truthfully, I don't know much about the major talent from the commercial. Her name is Kellis and she sings the song about milkshakes. That's all I really know about her. I was very careful not to put my foot in my mouth about knowing her music or pretending to know something about her popularity. I was there to work. I also said nothing bad about the company who ultimately employed me. I was there to help sell a Ford car. I've owned two Fords. I didn't give any negative opinions about the company. I heard other people talking about how the company was doing financially and comparing the car to other trendy cars. I don't pay much attention to things like that, but I did see some representatives from Ford on the set. Glad I didn't go flapping my lips saying something stupid within earshot of them. I need to be sure I keep that part of my work ethic in.

Finally, I was reminded why I need to take naps -- LONG naps -- before I go to work on these all night shoots. I get really cranky when I'm tired. It can be offensive. Actually, I become downright rude. That's not a good thing. The more tired I get, the less control I exercise over my mouth and attitude. A nice two or more hour nap before night shoots would make me nicer the next day. Of course, I spent a part of my Sunday curled up with Felicity, so that was a nice added benefit.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Time Is NOT on My Side

I am behind on my word count for my novel. Seriously behind. I've barely broken 25,000 words. This is week three. I'm experiencing everything he describes in No Plot No Problem. I'm taking off from work early to email myself more novel. My home computer is tricky at best. I have a weekend full of commitments. I don't know how in the hell I'm going to get this thing done. This is the one month full of birthday parties, friends in shows, short film gigs and auditions. And I still look a bit like a teenage boy from all the time in front of the computer.

I'm going to join the theatre company. I got in. They seem to be more established than the other three I dealt with. I have a three month trial, and then I can re-evaluate and see if it fits with my career goals then. They get to re-evaluate me at that point as well. It's $40 a month for the first three months, $30 a month thereafter. I can bring in plays I want to put up (like Andrew Moore plays) and see if I can get them on the main stage. I have to volunteer four hours a month and help with shows. Cool. I'll post more about my experiences with that when I start having experiences.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our Masterpieces

We painted one another's dogs. Peanut Butter & Piper and Felicity, with Cactus.

Kickin' It Root Down

My grandfather was of German descent. That makes me a little German. Imagine my delight when I found that the Getty had a German festival.

For a whopping $10 (parking only), we got to see "Hansel and Gretel" as performed by Jim Gamble Marionettes. That was perfect because when Andrew and I went to Italy and France, we sought out the puppet shows and spent our time at those instead of viewing room after room of fine art.

We also listened to the sounds of traditional German folk music performed by the Bluebirds. They even had some dancers from G.T.E.V. D'Oberlander tearin' up the dance floor old school. That was cool. It was too crowded for us to join in the dancing.

We also got to art like the kiddies. We made abstract monoprint paintings. We decorated picture frames. We watercolored landscapes. (Okay, we cheated on that one. I painted Peanut Butter & Piper with a side of grass so it counted as a landscape. Andrew painted Felicity, with Cactus. We posted them on our refrigerator.) We even made postcards that we mailed to each other.

Oh, and we looked at the new illuminated manuscripts exhibit.

I love the Getty. I felt recharged after going. Please visit the Getty when you're in L.A. You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Experiment

Today I'm conducting an experiment. I'm auditioning for a theatre company. It's a dues-paying membership thing. I've had strong opinions about those sorts of things before. Last time I auditioned for a theatre company I got in. It didn't feel like a very good fit. I felt like I wouldn't learn anything or make great career gains being there.

Today is the experiment. My friend Paula did a show as part of a theatre company earlier this year. She just booked the lead in an MTV film. She joined this theatre company even though it was a dues-paying company. They still gave a little money to the actors for their work. That's the same sort of thing as this place. I'm auditioning today because of Paula. We'll see what happens.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lesson Complete!

About two months ago, I got the "How to Play Guitar for Dummies" DVD from Netflix. See, I'm a self-taught guitarist. Andrew has helped me with a few chords when I grew impatient with the music books. The rest has all been me. The only trouble with teaching yourself is that you have to hunt down resources to correct the weaknesses that you're willing to observe about yourself.

True confession time. I had trouble with strumming patterns while singing. I also had a terrible time with finger picking. The funny part was that I met guitarists with fewer chords under their belt with better strumming and picking skills. I got the DVD to make me stronger.

I got bored with a lot of the early lessons because they covered things I already knew. I watched them anyway and picked up a thing or two that I didn't already know. Then I worked my way through some sucky folk tunes and a couple more tolerable tunes on the DVD to improve my skills. I'm not perfect, but I now have some new things to drill. I've become a better guitarist as a result of this DVD. I recommend it for anyone who wants to fill in gaps in their guitar education.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Now I Think I'm a Writer

Okay, I'm really not a writer. I take that back. I'm a writer, not a writer. I'm condescending, self-centered and overbearing and I constantly correct the spelling and grammar mistakes of other people, but I'm not a writer.

I've written plays and poems and even song lyrics, but this is my first time writing a novel. I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month, but I'm doing it a month early. As poor artists, we have one computer at home so I'm writing my book the month before the contest. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I'm at about 19,000 words.

Writing a novel is great discipline. Actually, it's not necessarily the writing that gives one discipline. One of the temps at my office is "writing a novel." I suggested she participate in NaNoWriMo for fun since she's already a writer and she said, "I don't need a month to write the rest of my book in, I just need a deadline." That makes no sense to me, but hey, I'm not a writer. I'm just a jackass writing a book.

So back to the discipline. I have the book that goes along with the contest so I know the daily word count expectations. I have to get my writing done so I spend less time on the couch watching reruns of sitcoms that were popular in 1998. I also have to continue providing content or the book won't get done.

I had the idea of writing about a zombie prosititute. That's all I had when I started the month. I sat down to my computer nearly two weeks ago and I didn't know what to say so I just started typing. I wrote 5000 words that day. By not having every little thing worked out in my head before I started, I've had all sorts of freedom to take the story in directions I never could've dreamed, and I imagine it will turn out better than if I had been obsessive about how things HAD to go.

What's superfly is that at the end of October, I'll have a 50,000+ word novel. It will be readable and entertaining and I hope it's never taught in English classes because I want people to actually read it and not pretend they read it just to pass a class. I can always edit the thing and polish it up later.

Andrew is writing in November in the actual contest. I hope you join the fun. I look forward to reading as many crappy but original novels as my pals produce.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Since I didn't know what to do about a belly dance costume and I didn't buy a veil over the weekend, I had to somehow solve my problem of not having a veil. I have to learn all of the choreography I can by this weekend so I can finish this piece and work on perfecting it before the December show. I have to have a veil. I wanted something cheap so I can use it for practice while I work out what I really want to spend $$ on.

Solution: I went to Joann Fabrics and bought two and a half yards of black chiffon. It's on sale this week with Halloween just around the corner, so I got my temp veil for $5. I used it last night and it floats so beautifully that I may have to finish the ragged edges and use it for real.

Strippers have to be able to pull the clothes off easily. I tried learning to strip in platform stilettos and yoga pants. That didn't work very well because I couldn't pull the pants over the shoes. I had to get something easy to pull off, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

Solution: I went to Old Navy and bought a cute little bubble skirt. I bought a black one when they were about $17. Now they're clearing them out so I got a white one and a gray one last week for under $2 each. If you're female and you EVER plan to strip for ANYONE, get thee to Old Navy for one of these skirts before they're gone.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Belly Dance Swap Meet - Part Two

Yesterday was my first post on the swap meet where I focused on what I learned as a student dancer. Today I'll tell you about the goodies.

I went in search of a silk veil for dancing. I wanted black but I couldn't find a black silk veil. There were some lovely colors of silk available, but I wanted black. There were lots of costume pieces for sale, tons of jewelry, headpieces, zills, henna designs, hip scarves and chiffon veils. The space was cramped and most booths had boxes of things to dig through. I found three tops for $5 (that's right - $5 total for the three tops) by digging in a box. I'm sure that I could've dug through more boxes to find more things. This time I did more observing than anything.

I realized that I need to decide what I want in a belly dance costume before I go shopping again. I have to find my own personal style as a dancer and what I want to express. Then I need to design something perfect for me. Since I did costume design in school, I can do this pretty easily. I did have the opportunity to observe the styles that other people chose. I like the look of layered things - bras over or under cholis, harem pants under skirts, scarves and flowers in the hair. I'll have to sit down and sketch out some ideas so I find the best thing for me. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I also want to be sure I accentuate my assets as a dancer.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Belly Dance Swap Meet - Part One

Andrew and I went to the belly dance swap meet in Granada Hills yesterday. My teacher suggested we go so we could pick up costume pieces and watch live belly dancing. This posting will focus on what I got out of the dancing aspect of the swap meet. My next post will deal with the findings there.

This is an amazing place to go as a student to watch belly dancing in action. It's also great entertainment for a Sunday afternoon at the super-affordable price of $2 per person admission. (Seriously. We got more than our $2 worth.)

I saw dancing at all levels. I watched some students who demonstrated what they learned to a salsa-type beat. I watched some other individuals and noticed what worked and what didn't work about their performances. I even got to see a hippy-looking group with a pregnant chick (AMAZING) who wowed the hell out of us. Here's what I learned:
  • Smile. My substitute belly dance teacher urged us to smile. My regular teacher urged us to smile. People will be more forgiving (or unnoticing) of mistakes if you have a beautiful smile to distract them. Some of the performers did not smile at all. They looked nervous or angry or bothered. I didn't feel like they really wanted me to watch. I love it when a performer is happy to be there. I have to remember to smile no matter what I do wrong.
  • Drill the basics so they don't look sloppy. I have enough of a foundation that I can drill the basics every day. That's what I should do anyway. If my basics are good then I won't look sloppy when performing. A dance is a combination of moves, usually basic moves. I want to look good, so it's practice practice practice of the basics I've learned.
  • Wear something flattering. The hippy chicks (I hope to find a link to them later today when I have more surfing time) had amazing costumes with layered pieces. They were very different. There was a dancer whose ta-tas looked like they were being squeezed out of the top and sides of her shimmery bra. I don't think I'll have that problem, but I want to look good. I also don't want a boob to come out for a visit when I'm performing for families.
  • My teacher (and substitute teacher) is amazing. She smiles. She knows her basics. She looks good. She seems happy when she's dancing. That's the kind of person I want to teach me. There was a teacher who danced and she looked angry the entire time she was dancing. Just imagine the look she'd give a student if they did a hip drop wrong! It's important to study in a safe environment with someone who encourages you to improve.
  • This is a style that anyone can do. The ladies who performed weren't all dainty little things. There was a pregnant chick who could do hip rolls and ribcage isolations just as well as the other girls. If someone wants to pick this up late in life, I think they totally can.
  • Slow moves look sexier. It's true with stripping. The slow stuff seems more sensual. The hippy chicks did some really slow stuff and it was mesmerizing.

They do this swap meet twice a year - spring and fall. If you're in the area, you should go just for the dancing.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Go Fish

I got a couple notices in my Hotmail junk filter for an audition that was scheduled for yesterday. It was in Newport Beach, a lovely little harbor town. I submitted to play supporting cast in this feature film, and the pay was listed as at least $200 a day. Wow. This seemed like it was going to be very cool.

Dude, my experience was very uncool. The notice said specifically not to Mapquest the address. I thought, "Aha! I'll use Yahoo Maps instead. That should handle it!" So we drove the hour and fifteen minutes down the 110, the 405 and the 55. We turned onto 22nd Street and then onto the drag where we should've found the audition location. However, there was no 2122 This Address. There was 2100, 2115 and 2138. So we did another lap. Nope. More actors came and went as we drove by. We decided to cross the bridge to see what was happening on the other side. We even probed a local church thinking that we'd find the production company there since it seems to be a religious film. Nope. I tried calling several times and the number was busy, probably with confused and belligerent bastards like me wanting to know if it was all a joke. I got through and spoke with a guy, almost as belligerent as me. He told me to look for the warehouse with lots of people lined up outside. So we drove another lap and saw no warehouse.

By this point, my caffeine depraved husband took my cell phone and called them. He asked if it was a joke or if this 2122 This Address actually existed. The lady told him we were in Costa Mesa and needed to drive two more miles toward the ocean to reach the Newport Beach location. I was ready to throw in the towel at this point. Andrew said that I was auditioning, damnit. We drove this far and I missed my belly dance class. I growled and grumbled (just because I was irritated that I felt I wasted a morning and part of my afternoon).

Two miles up the street we found it. Oh yes, many other actors found it as well. In fact, it looked a lot like an open call, or a "cattle call" as is the industry term. See, they said in the email that they wanted to see me between 11 AM and 1 PM only. The line you see in the photo went through the parking lot and past the warehouse, wrapping around a building and toward the water. They were doing cold readings per the email. With a good eighty to one hundred people in line ahead of me (if I stepped out of the car, if we actually found a place to park), there was no way they'd get to me before 2 PM unless I walked in, gave them my picture and left. So we split.

I don't do open calls unless: 1) I know they're open calls, and 2) I really feel a strong connection with the piece or I want to be part of something like this. It would've been nice to know before I bagged my class and spent a number of hours on the road that it was just a cattle call.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Paying It Forward

I've had some trouble with various life things over the past week. It's all been relatively minor in hindsight, but it's caused some delays on my blog updates. Sorry about that.

A tremendous mitzvah has been done in the world of music. I was depressed because my bootleg was eaten on the way home from the John Mayer concert last week. This put me in a bad mood for days. But, alas, someone who was sitting in the eighth row of the orchestra section burned a bootleg and uploaded it. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm paying it forward. Go here to get it for yourself.

As I was in the loge section (even though I did the fan club presale), I'm sure my pics didn't turn out that great. But, alas, someone who was closer shot these pics. I'm paying them forward.

I wanted to share more pics of the pole party I attended. You can view them here. (My teacher got permission to post them on her website but I didn't try to hit anyone up for permission to use them on my blog.) For those of you who wanted to see hot chicks when I posted last week, check this stuff out.

And it seems we have a producing partner for our much delayed internet project, "The Felties." Andrew spoke with someone last night who wants to be a co-producer, and he's got the right kind of ideas for what we want to do. I'll let you know when we have new content available.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is It My Left Armpit?

You have to smell good when you're an actor because you're always going on job interviews. You don't want to smell all perfumey because the waiting areas can be quite claustrophobic and it overwhelms the casting people to have an unholy mixture of smells waft past them all day.

Of course, deodorants and anti-perspirants tend to have funky stuff in them that you wouldn't want to put on your body if you knew what all those chemical names really meant. I've been seeking a natural but effective deodorant for years. Those rock deodorants work well but you have to wet them down most of the time before you apply them. I know it says "dampen" on the label, but I don't think it really works if you can't feel it being applied. The best thing is Kiss My Face. I like the lavender roll-on. It smells gently pretty and I can feel the application. I don't smell like onions when I use this stuff.

I've been out of the Kiss My Face for a few weeks now and I can only get it at certain stores. I've tried coping with the Trader Joe's cotton deodorant and the remains of my rock deodorant, but the rock is a pain and the TJ's stuff doesn't work. I bought some lavender stick the other night because it claimed to work and be all-natural. It was next to the Kiss My Face soap at the grocery store so I thought there was hope. Two days in a row I've worn brand new shirts. Two days in a row my left armpit (and left armpit only) of these new shirts has smelled like onions. The right side is fine. So is it my left armpit or the deodorant that disappoints?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Time for Love, Dr. Jones!

Sorry for the short post. I got to work late and I only have an hour before I leave for an audition. I turned down a day on "Numb3rs" for this audition, so it better go well. At least they called me when I didn't even submit.

I'm working on my NaNoWriMo book. I know, I'm doing it a month before the contest. We only have one computer at home, and someone has to be available to do chores around the house. I'm up to 5600 words. Today's the third day of my writing month. I have to reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. It's a fun challenge. Something I've noticed is that I don't have much time to think about what I'm writing so I can't really obsess over anything. It's pretty stream-of-conscious stuff. I encourage you to join in the contest fun next month. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

A great thing about NaNoWriMo is that it forced me to get my personal ethics handled in certain areas of life. I had to go grocery shopping and do meal planning for my whole week so Andrew knew what to do. Sometimes we find ourselves starving with nothing in the refrigerator. I also have to cut out excessive television watching so I have time to crank out 1667 words a day on this damn book. This means no more crap watching, no more lazy-assing.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Too Pushy?

Andrew shelled out nearly $300 at the end of August for car sales training. He paid it to this company that I won't name unless they give me cause to name them. He quit his day job for promises of big money, then he found out that the dealership was racist and was jacking up the prices of cars as high as they possibly could.

He's been trying to recover the training money, but it's an ugly cycle. I wouldn't want to ask someone who scammed me to give money back. Wait, I would but I wouldn't be very cheerful about it. He already had to raise hell to get peanuts in the way of pay for the first two days he worked. I called the dealership today to chase up his final check which was supposed to be cut on September 20th. They somehow managed to lose his time card. I called in today and his final check will be put in the mail.

I also took the reins of the refund cycle. He may not be very happy with that, but I'd really like to recover the money and I have no problem demanding it back. (I wasn't the one who met with the guy who made all the promises, you see. Sometimes it's easier to have a friend do the breaking up for you.) I sent him an email, very clean and official. I don't care if he gets angry that the pushy wife has entered the picture. I just hope Andrew isn't upset that I'm so pushy.

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

As of yesterday, I've been blogging for a year. I've ranted about traffic, auditions, and weight loss. I've bragged about jobs and pole dancing. I've revealed the secrets of bikini waxes and infomercials. It's been a full year.

It feels like my weekend was almost that full. I tried out a new day spa & sports club, started writing a novel, got some of my life in order and went to a Peter Frampton concert. Oh, and I had an audition that I felt went terrible (so chances are that I'll book it). I have so much to say and so little time to say it.

Today I'll talk about Frampton. I won free tickets to the show. I didn't really listen to Frampton when I was a kid but I knew a couple of his songs. I was pleasantly surprised by the show. He seemed so happy to be performing, which is something I need to have when I play guitar or belly dance. (I'm good at making faces while I pole dance.) He had so much energy I thought he was going to explode. He's a very skilled guitar player. He did a version of "Black Hole Sun" where he used the talky-tube that runs through the guitar for the last verse. Very cool stuff. He really knew how to work his instrument. We stayed until the pot smoke chased us out. I'd be willing to see him again in a more ventilated arena.