Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I finished my novel last night in time to bake some cookies and watch "Heroes." I've done it. I've actually written a complete novel about a zombie prostitute. It has sex, gore, romance, mystery, and lots of cheese.

As I typed the final words, I almost cried. I've never done this before. Wow. I did it, and I'm not even a writer. I think I'll post the draft on a website so you can download and read it. I haven't spell checked, the grammar and punctuation are probably a mess, and it's lacking hyphens (for word count purposes). But who really cares? I wrote a novel in a month!

Special thanks go out to Andrew Moore for feeding and pooping the dogs and making dinner all those nights; Felicity for licking my face when I finished; John Mayer for providing me with hours of writing music; The Cure, Sting, Tom Cochrane, Alanis Morrisette and Belly for getting me over the finish line when I needed to change my pace.

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