Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Belly Dance Swap Meet - Part Two

Yesterday was my first post on the swap meet where I focused on what I learned as a student dancer. Today I'll tell you about the goodies.

I went in search of a silk veil for dancing. I wanted black but I couldn't find a black silk veil. There were some lovely colors of silk available, but I wanted black. There were lots of costume pieces for sale, tons of jewelry, headpieces, zills, henna designs, hip scarves and chiffon veils. The space was cramped and most booths had boxes of things to dig through. I found three tops for $5 (that's right - $5 total for the three tops) by digging in a box. I'm sure that I could've dug through more boxes to find more things. This time I did more observing than anything.

I realized that I need to decide what I want in a belly dance costume before I go shopping again. I have to find my own personal style as a dancer and what I want to express. Then I need to design something perfect for me. Since I did costume design in school, I can do this pretty easily. I did have the opportunity to observe the styles that other people chose. I like the look of layered things - bras over or under cholis, harem pants under skirts, scarves and flowers in the hair. I'll have to sit down and sketch out some ideas so I find the best thing for me. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I also want to be sure I accentuate my assets as a dancer.

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