Sunday, October 08, 2006

Go Fish

I got a couple notices in my Hotmail junk filter for an audition that was scheduled for yesterday. It was in Newport Beach, a lovely little harbor town. I submitted to play supporting cast in this feature film, and the pay was listed as at least $200 a day. Wow. This seemed like it was going to be very cool.

Dude, my experience was very uncool. The notice said specifically not to Mapquest the address. I thought, "Aha! I'll use Yahoo Maps instead. That should handle it!" So we drove the hour and fifteen minutes down the 110, the 405 and the 55. We turned onto 22nd Street and then onto the drag where we should've found the audition location. However, there was no 2122 This Address. There was 2100, 2115 and 2138. So we did another lap. Nope. More actors came and went as we drove by. We decided to cross the bridge to see what was happening on the other side. We even probed a local church thinking that we'd find the production company there since it seems to be a religious film. Nope. I tried calling several times and the number was busy, probably with confused and belligerent bastards like me wanting to know if it was all a joke. I got through and spoke with a guy, almost as belligerent as me. He told me to look for the warehouse with lots of people lined up outside. So we drove another lap and saw no warehouse.

By this point, my caffeine depraved husband took my cell phone and called them. He asked if it was a joke or if this 2122 This Address actually existed. The lady told him we were in Costa Mesa and needed to drive two more miles toward the ocean to reach the Newport Beach location. I was ready to throw in the towel at this point. Andrew said that I was auditioning, damnit. We drove this far and I missed my belly dance class. I growled and grumbled (just because I was irritated that I felt I wasted a morning and part of my afternoon).

Two miles up the street we found it. Oh yes, many other actors found it as well. In fact, it looked a lot like an open call, or a "cattle call" as is the industry term. See, they said in the email that they wanted to see me between 11 AM and 1 PM only. The line you see in the photo went through the parking lot and past the warehouse, wrapping around a building and toward the water. They were doing cold readings per the email. With a good eighty to one hundred people in line ahead of me (if I stepped out of the car, if we actually found a place to park), there was no way they'd get to me before 2 PM unless I walked in, gave them my picture and left. So we split.

I don't do open calls unless: 1) I know they're open calls, and 2) I really feel a strong connection with the piece or I want to be part of something like this. It would've been nice to know before I bagged my class and spent a number of hours on the road that it was just a cattle call.

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