Monday, October 30, 2006

Happiest Halloween on Earth - Seriously

I accepted a paid gig at the last minute yesterday. I was going to operate a puppet in a haunted house at some party. It was four hours worth of work, and my evening was free after my theatre meeting. Andrew and I grabbed a couple puppets and I embarked on my first paid gig acting like a puppeteer. (I really suck as a puppeteer.)

This shindig was way better than I could have ever expected. It was held at this huge estate tucked in the eponymous Beverly Hills in a little gated community. We were shuttled to the mansion and we trekked through the back entrance to reach our gig.

Dude, the client had Disneyland set up in his back yard. Honest to God, Disneyland. He hired an Imagineer to come and set up Main Street U.S.A., Autopia, Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion. They were miniature versions of the park attractions, but they were super cool. I operated the last puppet in the Haunted Mansion. The puppets were used to keep the little ones from getting too scared by the effects.

I really enjoyed the job even though I was cramped under a card table with a puppet on my hand. After the kids left (and I heard Jodie Foster and Sylvester Stallone walked through the Haunted Mansion), we were allowed to snack on the leftovers. I had In-N-Out, steak skewers, barbecue ribs, grilled vegetables, fresh raspberries, hush puppies, a candied apple, and a Mickey Mouse cookie. I went home with two Mickey balloons, some fancy cookies, a chocolate covered caramel apple and a spare floral arrangement. Oh, and I went home with a check.

This was the most incredible Halloween party I've ever seen, and I was working it the whole time. I'm so glad I acted like a puppeteer for the night.

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